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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Travelling in the USA

Travelling in the USA

Final day of plein aire painting with Mary Rose and Violetta for a little while
We drove through Georgia and are now in South Carolina  and yes the clay in a red colour.
 Gardenia trees are in bloom

We  on a long car (motor) trip through 10 states and  are amused by the  bumper stickers, which seem to be making a comeback.
Here are some which provided us with a giggle.

Your mother chose Pro Life

I have kleptomania but when it gets bad, I take something for it.

Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake

Do you enjoy road trips?   Have you seen any good bumper stickets lately?


  1. I like reading bumper stickers quite a bit, actually, and find myself craning my neck behind the wheel often to catch a glimpse-- especially if the design on the sticker is subtle.

    Don't care for the rude ones, though ...

    Continued safe travels!

  2. Hello Helen:
    It is first thing on Monday morning and our minds cannot quite grasp, let alone imagine, driving through 10(!!) American states. The distances which you must be covering are amazing, and how wonderful to experience so very many changes of scene where the countryside must be constantly changing before your eyes.

    Car stickers are seldom to be seen in the UK and never in Hungary where, most likely, they are banned!! We have enjoyed those you have included here.

    And, by the way, what a lovely picture of the three of you. Have a safe return home.

  3. Wow - 10 states, I would absolutely love to do that. If all plans out I hope to be doing some kind of US road trip in 2013. Not seen any road stickers, as a new driver keeping my eye on the road is challenge enough!!

  4. Hello Helen,

    Traveling through 10 states...that's quite a journey. I grew up doing trips like this as did many in my generation and now my kids think the idea of a road trip for more than 6 hours sounds too long. Can you imagine? They'll travel by plane no problem, to just about anywhere.

    I can't say I have noticed any bumper stickers....maybe because driving the freeways in Southern California is challenge enough. Although vanity plates are quite popular around here...and I can't imagine why.

    Safe travels. xo annie

  5. Funny bumper stickers:) I loves the pics! Neat blog:)

  6. Hello Suze
    It is fun to read bumper stickers and vanity plates when travelling and yes, we ignore some which are not so pleasant. We also love listening to the local radio chanels and of course NPR always has interesting interviews.
    Thanks for your kind wishes
    Helen xx

  7. Hello Jane and Lance
    I think you would both love travelling through the USA by road. The scenery differs in each state. We love North and South Carolina. Virginia and West Virginia are also quite spectacular. Our dog travels with us and we make frequent stops at State rest stops, which are quite beautiful and manicured. We usually enjoy a picnic at such stops.
    Are you back into your routine in Budapest, following your trip to Brighton?
    Helen xx

  8. Hello Magic and Drudgery

    I believe you would love traveling through the US. The scenery is so diverse. I hope your plans come to fruition and you come over in 2013. Congratulations on getting your driver's license and you are right to keep your mind on your driving. Thanks for visiting
    Helen xx

  9. Hello Annie

    Thank you for visiting. We love driving. We have a comfortable car with airconditioning and a great radio and NPR and local stations to entertain us. We find we converse about all sorts of things when driving and I must say each time I learn something new about my husband of 30 yrs.

    Your children will later appreciate driving I am sure
    Wishing you joy and it must be beautiful in California, are you by the ocean?
    Helen xxx

  10. Hello Mark Noce

    How lovely to meet you and thank you for visiting. Thanks for your comment and I am looking forward to visiting your blog soon
    My best,

  11. You are a fortunate girl to get to travel like you do!
    I would SO enjoy the scent of those gardenias!
    They don't grow in Ky. except for in pots.

    Oh, those bumper stickers are hilarious!!!

    You did not mention the heat or humidity...I know though...we are patiently (not so much) waiting for October and cool breezes!

  12. Hello Auntie Bliss

    Gardenias are so beautiful and sometimes one finds a tree in the midst of evergreens in a forest setting - they are so distinguishable by their leaves which I feel are almost as pretty as the flower. It is hot, however, we are blessed with airconditioning and a comfortable jeep.
    You live in beautiful Kentucky!
    Helen xx

  13. Hello Helen, how lovely to hear from you on my post, thank you so much for your kind comments.
    I am slowly catching up with everyone and have so missed reading your own posts. It seems you are currently having such an adventure. How wonderful to drive through 10 American states, I feel sure you are having an enjoyable time and look forward to reading about your journey in due course.
    Most of all I am excited to read that The Plein Aire Cottage Artists will feature in a luxury magazine. I am so pleased for you all and am glad that the shoot went well.
    Take care on your trip.
    Abby xx

  14. Hello Helen,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and following. We have something in common, I paint too! I tried following you but couldn't find a follow button (may be I'm just dumb) do you have one?
    XXX Ido

  15. My dear, it look like you and your friends had a great time painting plein aire..driving through 10 states sound quite tremendously adventurous. But I'm glad that you all had a wonderful time.

  16. My dearest A Super Dilettante

    Lovely to see your comment this morning. I am truly blessed to have Mary Rose and Violetta as my art partners, I truly believe they are the best painters in the USA today. We have so much fun together and always lots of laughter. Our backgrounds are so different yet we have so much in common and grew up in homes that were similar in values.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week and I look forward to reading your posts, they truly bring me trenendous joy and I find myself thinking of your posts for days.
    Warmest wishes

  17. Hi Helen,

    It's great that you are taking a road trip through the US...that's a great way to explore much more...and you'll enjoy it!

  18. Teeeheee.....

    THANK YOU HELEN DEAR for your ever so kind comments on my post and drawing! Coming from an artist, I take that to heart. Oh, you are so kind. May we all enter into a new chapter, ready to savor the best part: the continuing journey.

    Many hugs and thanks for your visit! Oh what a beautiful scene in that first photo of yours!!! Anita

  19. Hi Helen!!
    is because we have to do our part for the environment.
    thanks for your visit.
    a good weekend.

  20. I love a good road trip, Helen! Safe travels and have fun! I look forward to hearing about your adventures :)

  21. Hello Abby at My Spotted Pony

    So lovely to hear from you again, following you short break. We all missed you very much.
    It was a lot of fun travelling this week and such diverse and beautiful scenery
    Thank you for your support and kind words. I will definitely link the magazine when published at the end of September
    Have a lovely weekend and pats to my firned Spotty
    Helen xx

  22. Hello Ido

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I enjoy your blog very much. I hope you are able to follow me, it appears that Google had some issues this week with the follow button on some blogs.
    I am looking forward to seeing you artwork.
    Have a lovely safe weekend
    Helen xx

  23. To Neha at All Things Beautiful

    Thank you Neha for your visit and kind comments. Yes, it was a wonderful trip and also nice to be home again, till the next trip! I just love travelling - wishing you a glorious weekend
    Helen xx

  24. Crowns Castle and Cottages
    Dearest Anita

    I just love to see you smiling face and hear your words of joy and enthusiasm. Your students are so fortunate to have you are their teacher. I think you need to teach from a stadium,with satellite tv's so all the children of America can hear your words of wisdom and kindness. A class room is not sufficient for you Anita.
    I truly love your art work and look forward to seeing more
    Have a happy weekend
    Helen xx

  25. Hello Preta

    You are so right when you say we all must do our part for the environment. It is so fragile.
    Wishing you a joyous week and thank you for your visit

  26. Hello Carolyn at Sweet Chaos

    How lovely of you to stop and say hi Carolyn.

    Yes, the trip was so much fun and such beautiful scenery and we met some lovely people too.

    Wishing you a joyous weekend
    Helen xx

  27. Helen it has been a while since I took a road trip...but we are driving to Florida next week [from Atlanta] so I am sure I will run across some good bumper stickers. We take our animals so we have to stop so much for them...seems to take much longer than usual to get there.

  28. Hello Sherry Hart

    It is great travelling with animals as one gets to take more breaks and it is good to get some exercise too.
    Our dog Spice Girl travels with us, she is a mix hound type re-cycled dog - born in Florida and loves the sun. She follows sunrays in the car and when a cloud cover her sun, she barks at us as if to blame us. Pets are so amusing. Hope you have a lovely weekend
    Helen xx

  29. I am late coming to this post, but it looks like you are having a wonderful time! 10 states - that's quite a road trip! The gardenia tree looks beautiful. Have a safe trip home!