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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wilde's Fairy Tales

Photo taken this week on Cliff Walk, Ardmore, Co Waterford.

My apologies for being absent from this blog for so long.    There is a ton of excuses but they are all outdated.    I try and visit my favourite blogs and still love reading blogs and I think of the beautiful stories and life events that my blogging friends have written about over the years.

I have been enthralled by a five part radio programme on RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann) Lyric FM.  Oscar Wilde penned five fairy tales. Each week one of  Wilde's fairy stories was read and scholars from Trinity College Dublin and Oscar Wilde's grandson spoke/reviewed  the fairy tales.    Should you wish to listen, they are available on Podcast, free of charge.  www.wildestories.ie.  Tip: When you click on e.g. Episode One  Click on the Link that says "Listen to Wilde Stories' Episode in full"

I have a hard time picking a favourite and I cried when I listened to "The Nightinggale and The Rose"

Please tell me your favourite story.

Monday, May 8, 2017

18 Years Ago Today - A Particular Friendship

Photo by Helen Tilston
Dirk Bogarde left this world eighteen years ago today.

I was saddened and planted, at our farm,  a white lilac bush in his honour.  I did not have the pleasure of meeting Dirk Bogarde.

Photo Helen Tilston

Dirk Bogarde was an Actor, Painter and Novelist.

Bogarde served with the British Army during the second world war at 22 years. Bogarde was one of the first Allied officers in April 1945 to reach the Berger Belsen concentration camp in Germany, an experience that had the most profound effect on him and about which he found it difficult to speak for many years afterward.

Dirk Bogarde is often referred to as a Matinee Idol and starred in many movies.  

Later he became more selective and acted in more challenging roles.  
Bogarde was born and lived in England and later in France with his long time partner Anthony Forward.

It was Dirk's writing that captured me and in particular this book which hooked me on his writing.

In a nutshell the story is: Madame X, while waiting for her hair to dry, is reading a magazine at her hairdressers in California. She reads that Dirk Bogarde has purchased a new home in England.  Madame X recognizes the home and it is one she lived in many years earlier.  Madame X writes to Dirk Bogarde and they correspond for several years.  He bears his soul to Madame X.  The love between the two is magical.   A must read.

I have read all of Dirk Bogarde's books and they adorn my bookshelf.    

Today a white candle flickers and I recall a man who was born with integrity, charm, common sense and with so many gifts all of which he used.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Documentary Save Our Cottages Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Photo of Helen Tilston. Photographer Michael Tilston, St.-Remy-en-Provence, France.

I have just returned from Provence, France where my work took me to research painting and filming venues for  Save Our Cottages:  Artists with a cause, a documentary to be aired on PBS in 2018.


Violetta Chandler & Mary Rose Holmes plein aire painting . Photo:  Tricia Priest

Emmy Award winning documentary film-making team Lynn Marvin Dingfelder and Larry Wiezycki have been filming The Plein Aire Cottage Artists, Violetta Chandler, Mary Rose Holmes and Helen Tilston and residents  at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.for the past several months.

Photo by Helen Tilston, Provence 

The second part of the documentary is scheduled for filming in Provence at the beginning of June.
We are going to be painting and walking in the footsteps of the fathers of Impressionism in Provence.

Photo by Helen Tilston.  Vincent van Gogh's room at St. Remy en Provence
We are thrilled that this documentary is going to film and will be aired on PBS in 2018.

Helen Tilston, Violetta Chandler and Mary Rose Holmes and Camera Larry Wiezycki  at Beach Trail IRB, Fl, photo by Lynn Marvin Dingfelder
Individuals and companies have an opportunity to have their name in the credits.  All donations are tax decuctable. To  participate or simply to view the trailer.
Wishing everyone a great week and I look forward to catching up with all of you.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2017

Photo Helen Tilston
Wishing all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day.    How will you celebrate?   In Ireland it is a Holy Day and also a holiday.    History tells us St. Patrick brought christianity to Ireland in the year 432.   Most towns have a parade and there will be great bands and music in the local pubs.  There will be no corned beef and cabbage, as this is not a dish served in Ireland.

Photo Helen Tilston

This is Youghal and tomorrow will find us celebrating here.  The views never disappoints.

This song by Imelda May and the Chieftains is one of my favourites.  Turn up the music and dance.  

Next week I am heading to France and I am frantically trying to brush up on my French.   It is a very exciting time.
I promise to post more frequently.

Hace a glorious week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Save Our Cottages; Painters With A Cause

Shell cover Beach Trail at Indian Rocks Beach.  Larry films Helen, Violetta and Mar y Rose 

Where have the past five months gone to?    It seems like a blur.
We have very exciting news.  The Plein Aire Cottage Artists:  Mary Rose Holmes,
Violetta Chandler and Helen Tilston have been filming.   We are the subject of an upcoming PBS documentary "Save Our Cottages;  Painters With a Cause"   
We have had several days of filming outdoors at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.  

Our next destination for filming will be Provence, France in June.  This being the birthplace of Impressionism.   

This is a new experience for all three of us and we are learning a lot.

We are working with Lynn Marvin Dingfelder
EMMY Award Winning Documentary Producer

Larry Wiezycki

Artist Mary Rose Holmes being interview by Lynn Marvin Dingfelder

Artist Violetta Chandler being interviewed by Lynn Marvin Dingfelder & Camera Larry Wiezcki

Helen Tilston being hooked by Larry Wiezcki

Helen Tilston painting one panel of triptych

Violetta Chandler and Mary Rose Holmes taking a break for ice cream

Mary Rose being getting set up for interview

Violetta is all set for recording

I am looking forward to visiting your blog.