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Monday, April 20, 2015

Hold Your Tongue

Gates in Youghal, Co Cork. Photo Helen Tilston
My I-Phone pings at 5.00 a.m. each morning and I know Lauren has sent me her latest poem.  Lauren, an identical twin, is the daughter of my good friend Daryl.

Today's message holds great wisdom and I pray that we will all make an effort to remember this in our daily comings and goings.

Spring in Ireland, Photo Helen Tilston

Should you wish to receive daily original poems by Lauren - her contact is:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Missoni and Valentino Yarns and Designs

My past life featured in Filatura Di Crosa
Recently whilst in the waiting room of my doctor's office a basket of yarn and knitting needles sat on the coffee table. This indicated to me that my doctor would not be punctual.    I picked up the white wool and continued to knit what looked like a scarf which a previous patient had started. 
I became engrossed in knitting and started to form a pattern using the blackberry stitch. 
Before long a woman commented on my speed at knitting and asked where I learned to knit.
I told her I learned at four years of age, at school, in Ireland.  She was surprised at my knowledge and I shared with her that I did make a living at knitting, designing and selling yarn for many years and had sold my business approximately twenty years ago.

She then asked where my shop was located.  I told her the name of my shop was The Knitting Place in Toronto, Canada and she said "Is your name Helen by chance?   I was stunned and said yes it was, whereupon she immediately pulled out her cell phone and placed a call to her mother and said "Guess who I am sitting with at the Doctor's Office"?   Her mother had been a client of mine for many years.  When I sold the shop she apparently missed me and my name was often mentioned at Shabbat Dinner and her mother still treasured and wore many of the one of a kind sweaters we designed for her.
We exchanged numbers and made a plan for a morning coffee meeting.

Our shop specialized in luxury yarns and we were recognized as the number one seller of Missoni and Valentino yarns, a line from Filatura di Crosa, in North America.  

The Knitting Place featured in Filatura Di Crosa Magazine circa 1992

It made my day to connect with this delightful and memorable client.