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Monday, June 16, 2014

Cruising the Mediterranean

Taken from Silver Spirit as we sailed the high seas

The itinerary said: Board Silver Spirit in Civitavecchia, on the outskirts of Rome.  
Day 2:  Portofino
Day 3.  Liverno with trips to Florence and Lucca
Day 4.   "
Day 5   Sardinia
Day 6   Porto Mahon
Day 7  Ibiza
Day 8  Barcelona

The Silver Spirt is a luxury 5 star cruise.  Elegant, gracious, spacious and understated are words used to describe living on board.  We were pampered by our butler, Marlon.  This 500 passenger ship has many advantages, one being it can visit ports that are unavailable to large ships.

We were disappointed to find our from Captain Mino Pontillo that due to stormy weather our landing in Portofino was to be cancelled and we were sailing on to Genoa.    We did have a rough sailing on our first night and during the night, I went to our balcony and the large waves told me our Captain had made a wise decision.  

Genoa has been nicknamed la Superba ("the Proud one") due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks.  In 2004 Genoa was named European Capital of Culture.  Birthplace of Christopher Columbus and architect Renzo Piano .  Genoa claims a first for blue jeans, pesto and the earliest bank of St. George founded in 1407.  I plan to return and explore the architecture of Renzo Piano the museums and galleries.

 Day 3 and we are on our balcony waiting to greet the port of Liverno.

Today we are going to Florence. Travel Industry Today have published my account of visiting this city. Should you wish to read please click on link.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Threading through life

Helen Tilston by the Arno River Firenze
Returning to Florence two weeks ago and meandering through her familiar streets, I am reminded of my last visit.

Helen Tilston and Violetta Chandler in Firenze on way to Medici Apartment

Plein Aire Cottage Artists:  Mary Rose Holmes, Helen Tilston and Violetta Chandler
In 2007, my art partners Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta and me represented the USA at the
invitational juried Florence Biennale.   800 artists from 73 nations assembled for one week at the Fortezza da Bassa in Firenze.     A party was organized among some twenty recently met American friends and Aida volunteered her apartment which still had the bake oven used by the notorious family at  the Medici Apartment

Always leave the door open for opportunity

Aida, an avid traveller informed me she used Villa Renters and had success.   On our next trip to Ireland I found The Old Monastery" in Youghal, Co Cork.

View from The Old Monastery In Youghal 
We loved this place so much we vacationed each year for the past five years and have many beautiful memories of joyful times.  A special thank you to owners William and Brenda Hughes.

The Blackwater River feeds into the Irish Sea at Youghal.

We love Youghal so much, and by now you have probably guessed, we have purchased a home here.
We very recently took possession of our 130 year old home.  

Aida I want to thank you for being the seed or needle that started this whole tapestry.

(I have received no compensation from Villa Renters, Italy Perfect nor the Irish Tourist Board)