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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oh My Shattered Nerves

Being a creature of habit and walking the same route most mornings,  I decided to take some steps and a new route through downtown Toronto.
Via Casa Loma and beautiful homes and gardens
Approaching a intersection, I hear a voice "Excuse Me Miss,  can you help me please"

Leaning from the window of his truck, the Driver asks if I will please go to the middle of the road, stop all traffic from 3 directions and re-direct him as he reverses from a street that is blocked.
I mutter that I don't think I can but he assures me that I will be able to do it.  With all the confidence I can muster I take to the middle of the road and stop traffic from three directions. All drivers respond favourably and before I know it I am being a traffic bobbie.

 I hand signal my truck driver  to reverse  towards me. We meet with success and my truck driver is on his way, waving enthusiastically  and smiling brightly. One car driver starts it and  honks at me and all cars follow suit.  I blush and and wave my appreciation.

As I resume my journey and glance over my shoulder I see another nod of approval.

Have you been asked to do something you felt was out of your league?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dandling, Painting, Music and Art

Mary Rose, Violetta and Helen Tlston paint Cornell Museum

Frequently we play music when we paint.   The early stage of a painting, once the subject and sketch has been executed, demands exciting music and that which has a rhythm, energy and passion.  The Dandling Song by Mary O'Hara was chosen as my art partners:-Mary Rose, Violetta and I when painting this triptych of Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, Florida.     Once the canvas is covered and values established, it now is time to think more and paint less.  Walk away, several feet  from the painting then return and gently apply definite and planned brush strokes.   Again keep stepping away and slowly dancing forward to apply the loaded brush. "Down by the Sally Gardens" composed by WB Yeats and sung by Maureen O'Hara fits this most important time, when the artist put her heart in her work.   A favourite art instructor once said "pretend you are buying each brush stroke and it costs $100.00".  Apply firmly with gentleness and love.  Give it all you have got.

Violetta steps away and returns to apply finishing brushstrokes
Helen applies final brushstorkes
Mary Rose carefully applies finishing strokes

Mary O'Hara Sings to us, the Dandling Song and Sally Gardens

Were you dandled as a child or did your dandle your children?