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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tattoos or Branding

Photo Unkown 

In the early 1990's I designed one of a kind knitwear and owned a store in Toronto.
In bespoke design a measuring tape was a permanent fixture around my neck.
One day while working with a new client, I asked to take her measurements
She removed her jacket and branded upon her arm were the blurred blue numbers of the tattoo. I had seen these numbers in movies and literature but nothing, nothing prepared me for this.

My tape measure dropped to the floor and my eyes clouded over in tears.  With my greatest will, I was able to get the measurements I needed and tried as best I could to compose myself.   She knew.
Her kind blue eyes are imprinted in my memory.

We became friends and she visited me on Mondays usually bearing my favourite coffee and bagel.

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.   I bow my head in memory and I never will forget those blue eyes and blurred blue numbers.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I know an Angel

Another Angel with Spice Girl on his lap

On a dark blustery winter evening he is buzzed into the residence.   The residence is home to twenty men and women of varying needs.
A---- is a familiar face at the residence and the staff at the front desk greet him as one would a friend. He humbly signs the guest register which reveals he will visit TJ.   TJ is a young man in his early fifties who has been living with Parkinson's disease for the past fifteen years.   TJ's heart leaps with joy at the mention of of A----'s name.   A---- has been visiting TJ for the past eleven years.
Our Lady by Helen Tilston

Who is A or Angel as I like to call him?  He is an a young executive who is very successful in his field.    Angel lays no claim to any organized religion.   He simply volunteers his leisure time to visiting four patients similar to TJ.   Angel is single and on his annual vacation he goes to a third world country to volunteer, sometimes this involves building.

Angel is a marathon runner and raises money for those in need.  A recent example of his generosity was when TJ's old hearing aid was causing him trouble when trying to install the batteries with shaking hands,  Angel took one look and said: "TJ there are new digital hearing aids now which are much simpler"  Angel organized a road race and with the funds raised purchased a new hearing aid for TJ.   No fanfare, no publicity is Angel's modus operandi.

The Annunciation by Helen Tilston Encaustic (beeswax and oil)

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.