Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gone Too Soon

Thatched home photo Helen tilston

Born in a thatched house in the west of Ireland to two loving parents, three brothers and three sisters. My sandbox was the Atlantic Ocean, just a few summersaults from our front door.
Learning to read, my sister Philomena's mystery stories, at five years of age, presented me with a love of literature, poetry, drama and music.  I am told I, annoyingly, read aloud, in my treble voice, the Sunday newspapers.    Music and love was in our hearts.

I bade  farewell to my siblings on May 23rd and have joined my parents, sister Philomena and ancestors, hopefully, in heaven.  Slán agus beannacht  Thomas Glynn, Dublin, Ireland.  Now I hand you over to my sister Helen:

Thomas Glynn

Our handsome, young brother is missed more than he will ever know.   A poet and bard I would like to share a poem he wrote when he was sixteen years old.

My Life   
by: Thomas Glynn

Within my life

I weave my colours

My thread is long enough

Between my life and death there are no boundaries

Nor is there an edge to Space
Photo Helen Tilstn

Thomas presented me with this poem"Wind" when I first immigrated to the New World.

Youghal, Photo Helen Tilston

WIND for my beautiful sister Helen

Will the Wind be wild enough,
To clear our warm worn ways,
And bring to life and light,
Some young green off-spring,
Or will my words be withered
In your winter
And my song be torn to tears
In the wailing wind               ......Thomas Glynn 5A

Celtic Cross -Photo: Helen tilston

Thomas was also a talented amateur actor and singer.  In 1988,  RTE held a contest for Ireland's Worst Singer.   Thomas on his way down Grafton Street in Dublin, stepped into a phone booth, rang RTE and sang, completely off key "I did it my way"   He won two tickets to Michael Jackson's concert in Cork City.

I will leave you with Michael Jackson singing Gone Too Soon

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lights Camera Action Art and What's Right With Tampa Bay

What's Right With Tampa Bay is a weekly feature by Fox TV Tampa.   They contacted us in March asking if they could follow us as we painted for a morning.  Brian Grey is a talented interviewer and photographer.  We were immediately made feel comfortable as his camera zoomed in. Brian has been to the finest museums and galleries in Europe and before long we were chatting like long time friends.

Three hours of filming and interruptions with passing traffic and enthusiastic tourists passed all too quickly.  As you can see from the shadows, we were in the noon hour sunshine. Temperature was 88 degrees and our umbrellas provided relief

Fresh Florida strawberries and oranges replenish our energy
 Back at Mary Rose Holmes studio for afternoon tea and refreshments.

Artists Mary Rose Holmes and Violetta Shtumeyzen Chandler

We extended an invitation to Brian Grey and Fox TV Tampa to join us in Ireland on June 13th at The Old Market House Arts Centre, Dungarvan, Co Waterford Ireland, when Coastal Cottages Series 18 is unveiled.  The show features paintings of Ireland and Florida and last count it looks like we will have 36 new paintings.

Artists Mary Rose Holmes and Violetta Shtumeyzen-Chandler 

Click on Video Below to View What's Right With Tampa Bay

Do you get nervous when speaking publicly?