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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Living Abroad in France and why

View from Colonial Court Inn, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida by Helen Tilston

Having lived  in Australia, Canada, Honolulu, Florida and Ireland I have been reflecting on why some of my siblings are travellers and others have chosen to live in Ireland.   Could it be the music we listen to that inspires us to travel.   This beautiful song by Nina Simone, which I heard recently,  is "on repeat" at my house.

This song brought to mind my blogging friends who have chosen to live in France.
 French Essence The beautiful and observant Vicki Archer formerly from Australia speaks of living in Paris and Provence.
http://afemmeduncertainage.blogspot.ie/  Also beautiful and a journalist Tish Jett formerly from the USA now living near Paris.
http://lostinarles.blogspot.ie/ Another beauty whose eye is always on the arts, Heather Robinson formerly from the USA and now living in Provence
http://quiddity2.blogspot.ie/  Dawne Polis  Also a beautiful and talented photographer and writer  from the USA who just very recently, as in a month ago, moved to France and is going to be renovating an older home.
My French Country Home  The beautiful collector and writer Sharon Santoni formerly from the U.K. now lives in Normandy.
La Pouyette.  The beautiful and soulful Karin, whose country of origin I do not know, writes and links music that always warms my heart

I would love to hear from these bloggers and their story on what was the first note that set them on their course to live abroad.  Was it a song like "My Father" by Nina Simone?

Are you living in a country different from your birthplace?  I would love to know why and what inspired you to move