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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beach Walkers/Runners at Indian Rocks Beach

My day begins with a four mile run/walk along the beach.   For two decades I have been a regular on this beach.  I am rarely alone.  The same faces whiz past me and Good Morning's are exchanged and many regulars I know by first name.   Bill who has a larger than life personality and represented a  famous American singer is a regular and his humour and smile lights up the coastline.

 This day he stops me and I am invited to join the beachwalkers for  lunch in a local restaurant.
I enquire if there is a purpose to the luncheon.  In his booming tone he responds:  "Helen, we have absolutely no purpose other than to have a good time"

My art partner Mary Rose, also a beach walker, and I have a delightful lunch and enjoy hearing more about our fellow runners/walkers.

A cardinal has nested, again this year, at my door, in a ficus tree,  and has two extremely fat babies who seem reluctant to leave the nest.  The brazen, law breaking father keeps a watchful eye as we enter and exit.

My 'COMMENT'  button is working again.  Yeah!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What we found at the beach and Comments

One never know what treasures the beach will offer on a given day.

On our morning walk two weeks ago, we found all types of coral.  

Since yesterday, I am unable to" COMMENT" on YOUR blogs.  I am receiving "Comments",
however cannot reply to your comments.

When I comment on your blogs here is what happens:
I write my comment
From my drop down menu I select Google A/C
and bam....My comment disappears 

Does anyone have any solutions?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

IRB -The Goodness and Kindness of the residents and those who visit

Helen, Mary Rose and Violetta painting a triptych
Thank you my dear friends from the "world of blog" for caring and keeping in touch with me.
Your emails have touched my heart.    I am happy to report that I am well and in good health.
Our art show continues at Salt Rock Grill and has been one of our best ever.   
As Plein Aire Painters we take to the streets in all kinds of weather and some days recently have been in the hgh 70's.   Shade is precious on such days, as the reflections in the palms will show.  One could say we are like ducks all in a row.
Our generous visitors who are now new friends
A family who choose to live among us at Indian Rocks Beach, as visitors,  for two weeks, stop to offer their praise and ask questions.  We told them of our upcoming trip to Barcelona Spain.    The lady in the  pink shorts disappears to her cottage and presents us with three bottles of ice cold water. We return to our easels and they to the beach.
A tribute to Gaudi in honour of our upcoming trip to Spain
They return, some hours later,  glowing from swimming and beaming with joy.   They escort us to the beach and have build a sandcastle which is their homage to the Spanish architect Gaudi and a glimpse of what we will see in Barcelona. 

Homage to Gaudi at Indian Rocks Beach

Julie returning from the market and her gift to us

Next, our friend  Julie, the owner of one of the houses being immortalized in our painting (triptych) returns from the market.  Her car is packed with all types of herbs and the perfume of lavender, sage, bergamot and basil meets with our oil and turpentine.  Had Tom Ford been here a new perfume would have been born.   We exchange pleasantries. She then produces freshly baked cookies.  Pleasantly satiated, we decide to skip lunch and return to our easels.

Indian Rocks Beach Florida
I have missed visiting your blogs and will return and leave comments once the sand settles.