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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Canadian TV documentary on A day in the life of Helen Tilston

The weather was absolutely co-operate on Thursday May 29th on the scheduled date when a Canadian TV channel filmed two short documentaries. One "A day in the life of an Artist" The second is called "My Treasure" and features a painting called Cluainin "sweet meadow from Gaelic" which I exhibited at the Florence Biennale in December 2007.

The location chosen was a quiet residential street in Toronto. My subject for a "day in the life of an artist" was a Victorian red brick home. The sun danced across the lawn and created the most spectacular shadows. The windows gleamed with light. I chose Alizarin Crimson and Cad Red and Cad orange for the brick work with some burnt sienna for shaded area. Viridian and cad yellow worked well for the greens.
The film crew were magical and in total accord and harmony with the day and the painting. Once wired up with microphone threaded through my blouse and the little box in place on my belt by my waist, the cameras began to roll. I got totally engrossed in my painting and the hours passed. Many pedestrians as they walked by would ask the camera man "Who is she" He would calmly tell them, she is an artist by the name of Helen Tilston. They posed many questions and asked how long I had been painting and where I exhibited. The time went all too quickly and between painting "a day in the life of an artist" we also conducted the interview for "Cluainin".

These documentaries will be ready for TV in August and I shall post these on our web site