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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding, Joy and Beautiful Memories

Are you in London presently and will you attend the Royal Wedding Celebrations?

I wish I was in London now but must wait till the Autumn of this year.

I have been very fortunate to have had High Tea at Buckingham Palace on several occasions. Once through the gates of Buckingham Palaee, the magic begins.  Damask graces the walls and gilt wainscotting and dado rails add to the elegance.  The treasures and antiques within the Palace are rare, unique and steeped in history.  Tea was served in the Throne Room.  The Queen and Prince Philip mingle and meet all guests. When the Royal family arrived at our table, a Royal Secretary introduces the Queen to us. We are standing by now.  A curtsy to the Queen and a gentle handshake (we are briefed beforehand not to shake her hand roughly, as she may meet and handshake several hundred people in a day)  The Secretary will have some background on the guests and open the conversation.  High Tea is assorted crustless sandwiches, scones, Devon cream and strawberry preserves.  Servers refill the tea and is is steaming hot.

I have also had the same pleasure extended several times at St James Palace, hosted by HRH, the late Queen Mother.  She is delightful and when she enters the room she is followed by her corgis.  She is charming and so full of joy and personality.
I shall always remember the first time I was introduced to her.  My father in law, told her he had been to Ireland recently visiting my family, She enquired which county in Ireland ?  I told her Galway and she responded "A beautiful country and I think we are so fortunate to not have sunny weather here in England and Ireland, otherwise we would be inundated with tourists"

Tomorrow, regardless of the weather, London will be inundated with tourists

Throne Room at Buckingham Palave - HRH The Queen, Col FA Tilston VC, Helen Tilston (Mike Tilston, missing from pic)
I shall enjoy my English breakfast and decorate our table with photos and invitation cards and remember some wonderful times,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Blessings to All

  • Easter is a time for reflection.  A time to review our lives.  To remember our mistakes. To ask for forgiveness and most importantly to forgive those who have injured and hurt us.  It is Spring time and this brings new growth, new hope and new promises.
  • This week in reflecting on Easter, I thought of Our Blessed Mother Mary and what she went through and this is my tribute to her.  The painting is not quite finished.  

Wishing all of you the blessings of Easter and may your path be full of new life and blossoms


Sunday, April 3, 2011

a Childhood home in Ireland

Thinking of my late parents this week and looking at old photos and recalling memories.

My mother died in 1998, she was unwell for the final four months of her life.  I travelled frequently to Ireland during these months.  Mum had sold the farm and was residing in the village of Trim Co Meath Ireland.  Just  a short walk from her home was an incredible oasis "listed in the gardens of Ireland, Butterstream Farm.


Butterstream evolved from the passionate gardening of Mr. Reynolds, a farmer. He was a friend of HRH Prince Charles. The Garden was visited by HRR Prince Charles during the early 90's.   It was part of garden tours and sold seeds from endangered species of flora.

Between breaks visiting my mother in hospital, I would take my sandwich and visit the Garden and sit and sketch and get lost in thoughts.

In going through old photos and sketch books, I found some sketches of our home in Ireland and of Butterstream Garden.  In my mind  Butterstream has merged with our home and here is the painting that resulted.

Sadly Butterstream was sold by the heirs and a housing development has replaced it.  I am saddened and perhaps there is an analogy here, the woman I loved most my mother is gone and so is Butterstream however, they have left me with treasured memories, which cannot be taken from me