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Sunday, April 3, 2011

a Childhood home in Ireland

Thinking of my late parents this week and looking at old photos and recalling memories.

My mother died in 1998, she was unwell for the final four months of her life.  I travelled frequently to Ireland during these months.  Mum had sold the farm and was residing in the village of Trim Co Meath Ireland.  Just  a short walk from her home was an incredible oasis "listed in the gardens of Ireland, Butterstream Farm.


Butterstream evolved from the passionate gardening of Mr. Reynolds, a farmer. He was a friend of HRH Prince Charles. The Garden was visited by HRR Prince Charles during the early 90's.   It was part of garden tours and sold seeds from endangered species of flora.

Between breaks visiting my mother in hospital, I would take my sandwich and visit the Garden and sit and sketch and get lost in thoughts.

In going through old photos and sketch books, I found some sketches of our home in Ireland and of Butterstream Garden.  In my mind  Butterstream has merged with our home and here is the painting that resulted.

Sadly Butterstream was sold by the heirs and a housing development has replaced it.  I am saddened and perhaps there is an analogy here, the woman I loved most my mother is gone and so is Butterstream however, they have left me with treasured memories, which cannot be taken from me


  1. What a beautiful story. I've never heard of Butterstream Farm. But I can understand that this is a kind of place Prince Charles would love. I've got his audio reading of his recent book, Harmony. I love the way he treats and cares for the environment. Your painting is beautiful. It vividly captures the garden.

    PS. thank you so much for sharing your story with regard to High Tea with the royalty. I can imagine that this kind of once a life time experience of meeting with the Queen Mother must make a lasting impression on you.

  2. Love your painting of your childhood home and the beautiful Butterstream garden. What a sad commentary on the culture that a parking lot has taken it's place. So glad you have your memories and your painting. Lyn

  3. A Super Dilettante
    How interesting that you attended University with Kate Middleton. Thanks for the reference to HRH Prince Charles new book, I will look forward to listening to it.
    Yes, meeting the Queen Mother was very, very special.
    Did'nt you just love the Royal Wedding

  4. Lyn
    I am very flattered to receive a compliment from one of the top docents in the USA. Thank you for your tireless support and friendship

  5. Your Painting is very beautiful...and that it holds your childhood memories make is all the more special.

  6. Hello Neha, All things Beautiful

    Thank you for your kindness in visiting my blog and for leaving your flattering comments.
    I had special parents and a loving home for which I am eternally grateful.
    Helen x