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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wilde's Fairy Tales

Photo taken this week on Cliff Walk, Ardmore, Co Waterford.

My apologies for being absent from this blog for so long.    There is a ton of excuses but they are all outdated.    I try and visit my favourite blogs and still love reading blogs and I think of the beautiful stories and life events that my blogging friends have written about over the years.

I have been enthralled by a five part radio programme on RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann) Lyric FM.  Oscar Wilde penned five fairy tales. Each week one of  Wilde's fairy stories was read and scholars from Trinity College Dublin and Oscar Wilde's grandson spoke/reviewed  the fairy tales.    Should you wish to listen, they are available on Podcast, free of charge.  www.wildestories.ie.  Tip: When you click on e.g. Episode One  Click on the Link that says "Listen to Wilde Stories' Episode in full"

I have a hard time picking a favourite and I cried when I listened to "The Nightinggale and The Rose"

Please tell me your favourite story.