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Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2017

Photo Helen Tilston
Wishing all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day.    How will you celebrate?   In Ireland it is a Holy Day and also a holiday.    History tells us St. Patrick brought christianity to Ireland in the year 432.   Most towns have a parade and there will be great bands and music in the local pubs.  There will be no corned beef and cabbage, as this is not a dish served in Ireland.

Photo Helen Tilston

This is Youghal and tomorrow will find us celebrating here.  The views never disappoints.

This song by Imelda May and the Chieftains is one of my favourites.  Turn up the music and dance.  

Next week I am heading to France and I am frantically trying to brush up on my French.   It is a very exciting time.
I promise to post more frequently.

Hace a glorious week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day


  1. Hi Helen!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did I understand you correctly? You are in Ireland, as of today and then off to France?! Wow! How exciting, indeed.

    Beautiful photos. Where is the first one? I am completely enchanted by it!

    Safe travels, my friend.

    Poppy xx

  2. Hi Helen - happy St Patrick's day and enjoy the celebrations in Youghal; then France - enjoy ... learn French in a day - if it works let me know!! Cheers and all the best - Hilary

  3. So nice to hear some Irish dancing music, Helen, and a Happy St Patrick's Day to you. Youghal looks gorgeous, as do many Irish towns, and I wish you a fine celebration. Oh, and a wonderful time in France too, and I look forward to your posts. xx

  4. My dear Helen,

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you. I hope you are enjoying your celebration in Ireland. How exciting to know that you are also making a film programme about your talented artists group and wishing you all the best of luck with filming in France during this summer. I am sure that it will be a successful programme as there is nothing more inspiring that watching an artist at work. It would be an honour to see you and your colleagues once the film is released.

    With best wishes, ASD x

    PS. The song by Imelda May and the Chieftains is imbued with the sound of Ireland.

  5. Hello Helen,

    This is Suman here, in case the change in the blog title stumps you!

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you. I hope you are having a good time with your family in Ireland. Lovely pictures, as always.


  6. Looking forward to your posts, Helen! Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day.

  7. A belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your Helen. I didn't see as much fanfare around Sydney as I would have seen in Boston. I enjoyed the Chieftans music clip, I came across another ensemble on FB that you might like, I will send it to you. Thank you also for your messages for our Hong Kong abode...so very much appreciated! Looking forward to your journey through France. Wonderful time of year..just before the crowds set in. Enjoy! xx

  8. Happy belated St Patrick's Day. Enjoy your trip to France. I find early Spring is one of the best times to visit any country - before all the crowds turn up.

  9. Hope St Patricks Day was good fun for you. One of our children married in to an Irish family so every year now we get a St Patricks Day card!

  10. Beautiful Ireland. Top of my list of places to visit, and land of my ancestors. Hope all goes well in France for you.

  11. What beautiful music! Thanks for including it in your post! And thanks so much for the prayers and encouraging words my friend. They are very much appreciated. Off to France...ENJOY!!! And come back and tell us all about it! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Sorry to be late for the party but I probably drank too much of the hard stuff on St Patricks Day { any excuse !! }
    What lovely images Helen and beautiful music.
    Have a great time in France. XXXX

  13. I hope that you are having a wonderful time in Provence. I have been following along on Facebook and I love seeing your photos. I cannot wait for the documentary! Enjoy and travel safe.