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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Susan Makin Florence Biennale 2007

Buon Appetito is the title of Susan's piece which hung at the Biennale. It is oil on canvas. Five panels across by 4 down and each panel measures 24" by 24" This particular piece is painted so realistically that one feels able to pick a blueberry or cherry right from the basket.Susan's understanding of colour and values is particularly evident. Many visitors and curators would smile as they observed this important piece of artwork. Susan's work is outstanding and the Artist is clearly disciplined. Just two weeks prior to attending the Biennale she climbed Kiliminjarro. Susan invited Violetta and I to accompany her to synagogue on Friday night in Firenze. An experience we shall fondly remember. We were graciously invited to Shabas with the Rabbi and his family.

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