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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Great Design -the world's best design explored and explained

Sending love from Indian Rocks Beach Florida to Victoria
I won.

To my great surprise this past week my copy of Smithsonian Great Design arrived on my doorstep.
Smithsonian's GREAT DESIGN book, written by Philip Wilkinson and published by the British DK publishing house.
Wilkinson takes the reader through an awe inspiring and thoroughly collection of the world's best design. 

This coffee table book is will entertain, bring joy and knowledge to all who peruse the pages.

The gracious and beautiful Victoria from Art House Design generously gifted me with this very precious present.

Victoria's blog is one of my favourites.  She writes about art, travel, family, design and recently is experimenting with the most delicous breads.   Please stop by and say hello Victoria


  1. What an awesome book and I love your shell art...on the beach! Enjoy your evening my friend. Sweet hugs!

  2. That looks like a wonderful book--such fun to browse.

  3. I love this post and all the pictures. Thanks for sharing!!
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  4. Congrats, Helen!

    It looks like a beautiful book and is perfect for you, being such a talented artist, yourself! I wish you many leisurely hours leafing through and reading up on the world's great artistic minds and their creations!

    Happy weekend!


  5. How lovely for you Helen ….. I always think it's wonderful to win something from a blogger. I won quite a few things when I first started blogging and, whenever I pass the items that I won, that are displayed around our home, I always think of the person who so kindly sent them to me….. one of the great joys of blogging are the wonderful ' friends ' that we make.
    I shall pop over and say hello to Victoria. XXXX

  6. What a lovely gift, Helen! You're a lucky girl :) I simply adore modern furnitue.

  7. Congratulations Helen! What a wonderful surprise! It is a perfect gift for you.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Always love to meet mutual friends in the blogosphere. Thanks for the introduction, Helen! Enjoy that lovely book.

  9. I agree with Jacqueline, blogging becomes so exciting when we win and recieve things from un blogfriend, such a nice gesture ... I'm sure you are going to take advantage of this great book and be inspired...
    Ηave a nice week end Helen!

  10. Indeed a great gift...and I shall stop by Victoria...wishing you a delightful weekend dear Helen xx

  11. Congratulations Helen! What a beautiful book!

    Wishing you a happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  12. Congratulations Helen. I am a huge mid-century modern fanatic & this looks like a terrific book. What a fun giveaway. I will definitely have to visit Victoria's blog. Wishing you a lovely weekend!!

  13. My dearest Helen,

    This is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Victoria. It must be right up your street. Like you, I absolutely adore Victoria and reading her blog, Art House Design. She has got the most fabulous taste. I'm so glad that you both are my dear friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Best wishes, ASD x

  14. Congrats, Helen!! Such a beautiful catalog! Did you know I worked at the Smithsonian for over 5 years?

  15. Interesting how attitudes to design change, isn't it. I have been reading about Henry Cole's views, he must have been one of the first people who seriously thought about design, as a topic. Before that, people did beautiful things but they did not seem to put it in the context of visual design

  16. Bonjour Helen. Thank you for stopping by this weekend. I am glad you and I agree about Stromae :-) Aren't you the lucky lady?! This looks like a fascinating book, and I know you will get much inspiration out of it. Take care. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)