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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Helen Tilston Painter meets Pretty Far West

Helen, Mise, Blue Girl and Pink Girl outside Builin Blasta
Craft Shop next door to restaurant
Ceardlann Centre where Builin Blasta is located
This post office is pretty far west
Greetings from Galway Ireland where I am presently.   Many of you know Mise from  www.prettyfarwest.com and this past Wednesday I had the delightful honour and pleasure to meet Mise and her daughters sometimes known as Blue Girl and Pink Girl.  We met at Builin Blasta Restaurant, in Spiddle, Co Galway and spent a memorable afternoon dining and chatting.   Mise is elegant, gracious, warm, has a winning smile and speaks softly.  She is fluent in Gaelic and communicates with her children in this language.  It brought lots of beautiful memories flooding back when she whispered to Blue Girl and the word "a stoirin" was used.  This is an endearing term to a child and it means much more than my little darling. Henceforth, I will be commenting and using Dr. Mise.   Mise has a doctorate in mathematics.  She also works as a translator  from English/Gaelic.
Castle in Kinvara
On road to Cluainin my birthplace
Roadway to where Mise was born
Roadway on route to Dr. Mise's birthplace.
We have much in common.  We were both born on islands linked to the mainland by bridges. Our homes were by the ocean in Co Galway Ireland.  A distance of about 15 miles by boat.  We share the same beautiful memories of a magical childhood.   The perfume of sea weed, the cry of the curlew, the barking of seals and the cuckoo who heralds summer.  The time went all too quickly and on leaving Mise, I was overcome with joy at having met one so special.  I shall treasure my beautiful memories of this day and will be looking forward to our next meeting.

Mise is the first blogger I have met in person.

Have you met a blogger, in person and if so who did you meet?


  1. My goodness Helen, you do travel far and wide! What a wonderful trip you have had and your photographs are lovely to see. How can I have missed Mise and her blog? I shall be sure to read her latest post. I am so glad you both had such a good time together. Kindest regards, Abby x

  2. Dia Dhuit Helen and Mise:
    What fun that you are both meeting up in the flesh [so to speak] in beautiful Galway!!

    And, what a traveller you are, dear Helen,one minute in Spain, the next America and now Ireland. Our collective heads are dizzy just thinking about it all.

    What a wonderful time we can imagine you both had and how we wish that we could have joined you both [or just been flies on the wall!!!]

    Safe return!!

  3. Bonjour Helen,
    What a wonderful time. I had the pleasure of meeting up with about 20 bloggers here in Paris. It's a small world after all.
    Thank you for your visits and sweet comments. I'm a new follower.

  4. Helen, these photographs are so filled with charm. That first image of your stately face is just beautiful.

    I've never been to Ireland and so appreciate blogs such as these that give me a personal glimpse into places on which my own eyes have never feasted.

    I did meet a blogger in person-- Karen Walker-- and it was an absolutely delightful evening of coffee and conversation. I later went to hear her trio, Sugartime, sing at a retirement home.

  5. Dear Helen,

    I can imagine how you must be feeling! Two weeks ago I met six blog friends from the Rotterdam area, who I invited for an afternoon tea in my garden. We had a delightful time. Mise sounds and looks like an interesting lady to me! Glad you had a good time.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  6. It was an honour to meet you, Helen, and find so delightful and charming a friend, and someone so talented, enterprising and disposed towards happiness. You struck me so much as someone who had taken the best of your Irishness with you and never lost it. I hope we will have many more encounters.

  7. Hello My Spotty Pony and dear Abby

    Perhaps I need to get a pony to keep me from rambling around the globe or perhaps I would travel more if I had Spotty Pony
    It felt like I knew Mise from the moment we met. Perhaps reading her blog and commenting had laid the foundation for friendship.
    I know you will enjoy her amusing blog, as I am sure she will also love yours Abby
    Helen xx

  8. Dia Dhuit Jane and Lance and thank you for the beautiful greeting.
    It was indeed so delightful to meet Mise and her beautiful well mannered daughters. We would love to have had you present, in person, too. None of the fly on the wall thing your thoughts would have been more than welcome. Let's hope some day this will happen.
    We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary today with family and this week will be spent next week relaxing and touring in Co. Cork.
    Wishing you a joyous week.
    Helen xxx

  9. Hello Mimi at Bonjour Romance
    How lovely to hear from you Mimi and your are heartily welcome to my blog - thank you for following.
    How exciting you had the opportunity to meet so many bloggers in Paris, that must have been a very special event.
    Helen xx

  10. Hello Suze
    Thank you for visiting and so pleased to hear you enjoy seeing pictures of rural Ireland.

    How lovely your met Karen Walker and then to see her perform must have been very special.
    Helen xx

  11. Hello Madelief

    I remember reading about your meeting with the Rotterdam bloggers and this planted the seed for me to contact Mise and see if she was available.
    It is truly joyful to meet new, like-minded people and then for a friendship to grow from such meeting.
    Helen xx

  12. Hello Mise
    Thank you for such kind and beautiful words. I hope I can live up to your opinion of me.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing you again and to continued friendship.
    Fondly Helen xxx

  13. Oh Helen,
    How lovely to have met Mise. I just love her, especially her sense of humour. You both must have had so much to talk about and it sounds as if you got on so well.
    I think that you should seek out a blogger wherever you go and meet up with them !!
    Mind you, I've yet to meet one !!
    Have a lovely week Helen. XXXX

  14. How lovely to see the four of you together and to see a little bit more of Mise. I have met one very nice blogger called Alice of The Sight of Morning. She invited me to a talk by Amanda Vickery at the Sir John Soane museum.

  15. Hello Jacqueline @ Home

    You are so right,Mise is a delightful woman and never a dull moment in her company. She is so regal and has a beautiful speaking voice and beneath it all that wonderful sense of humour and wit.
    That is a novel idea to seek out a blogger (no pun intended) wherever one goes.
    To a beautiful week
    Helen xxx

  16. Hi Lucille
    It was a most memorable day. You would also love sitting with Mise. I am heading over to see Alice of The Sight of Morning. What an honour for your to speak at Sir John Soane Museum.
    Life is truly wonderful.
    Helen xx

  17. Helen...help, please! I have followed Mise's blog for a while now, and I know she explained in one post exactly how to pronounce her name...but being my silly-headed-self, I have forgotten.
    Now, when I read her witty, clever and interesting posts, I would really like to be saying her name correctly...if only to myself.
    As a fellow country-woman (of Mise, not me), could you help an albiet-English-now-Canadian girl out and tell me how you say MISE? PLISE?

    p.s. loved your blog (and hers) on your coming-together.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hello Jacqueline

    Thank you for visiting and for your words of kindness.

    Mise - translates to English to mean

    The Gaelic pronounciation is
    'MISH AH' SAID QUICKLY 'mishah'

    Hope this helps

    Helen xx

  20. Hi Helen, you jet-setter you! How wonderful to meet up with a fellow blogger, and isn't it such a small world, that you grew up 15 miles away from each other...amazing! I will have to look up Mise's blog. Blue girl and pink girl look awfully shy! Many thanks for your lovely warm messages Helen, they are very much appreciated. Lois did indeed steal the show in her little dress and petticoat. Have a wonderful time in Ireland. Much love to you, Linda x

  21. You are a doll Helen, thank you.
    Should Mi sha and I ever meet, I'll be able to greet her properly...thanks to you.
    p.s. hope she never reads this!

  22. HELEN!!!!

    First of all, THANK YOU for your visits this summer and it has been wonderful to meet you. Today is my first day of school and I am just getting back to you before I get ready to leave the house. WHAT FUN it mus have been for you to be in Ireland and meet a blogger! I have been so fortunate as well to meet about FOUR of my best blogger friends, TWO of them in my own city and two of the in Southern California. It was and still is a RUSH of excitement. Blogger friends SHARE so much more interests and enthusiasm than unfortunately, neighbors or colleagues! I think because bloggers have an intention to share and communicate and are more conscientious about it. What fun and what a beautiful PLACE to meet.

    Enjoy your week Helen, Anita

  23. Hello Helen, That looks a magical visit, I'm glad you had such a perfect time.
    I was lucky enough to meet Niki from ' Nostalgia at the Stone House' a few months ago. I felt a little shy at introducing myself as I was a very new Blogger but she is such a lovely, friendly person, I'm glad I did!
    Jane x

  24. Hello from Germany!

    I never met a blogfriend.
    Must be very exciting.

    Kind regards!

  25. Hello Linda at Flowers on My Table
    Hello my fellow Irish friend and indeed it is a small world Linda. Blogging has even more added bonuses when we also get to meet.
    We are in Youghal and today went to the English Market in Cork city which was exciting. I believe you will like Mise's blog.
    Have a lovely week
    Helen xx

  26. Hello Again Jacqueline

    I am sure Mise will not mind at all that you asked the pronounciation of her name, should she read this.
    I hope you get the opportunity to meet her in the near future.
    Helen xx

  27. Catles Crowns & Cottages
    Dearest Anita
    How lovely to hear from you when I know you are about to begin a new school year and all the preparation that goes with this. You are so right in what you say about bloggers and friendship and the joy in meeting like minded people is so special.
    Wishing you the best school year ever and I know your students are so fortunate to have you as their teacher.
    My best
    Helen xxx

  28. Hello Jane the Booklady
    How lovely that you took the step to meet Niki and no doubt it made her day. I understand that insecure feeling very well. I want to assure you that your blog is highly interesting and always beautifully written from the heart.
    Helen xx

  29. Hello Franka

    Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find the opportunity to meet a blogger in person in the near future.
    Wishing you a great week.
    Helen xx

  30. Oh Helen, what a special time you and Mise had. You both look as if youve known each other forever and you are both quite stunning!! Pink and Blue are dolls...so sweet, and the new information about Mise's formidable brain makes her even more fascinating than she was before! I'm overwhelmed with awe now for the both of you with your childhoods and accomplishments.

    I've had the great pleasure of meeting two bloggers so far...Pam from Red Ticking, who has a heart of gold...and Megan from Hood Canal Gal...beyond sweet! I had the most marvelous time with both of them...we felt very connected, it was wonderful. Meeting bloggers is like meeting lost relatives...ones that you get along with famously.
    xo J~

    ( I do hope that Miss. Spice Girl is doing well in your absence...it's so difficult to be parted from them!)

  31. I'm jealous, oh How i miss Ireland. Galway holds special memories for me, as I spent all my childhood summers there, in salt hill. As a native from Clonmel, I am happy to have joined this blog, and look forward to your posts. Have a wonderful time. Safe journey home.

  32. Hello Helen, how lovely to meet such a wonderful person and to have so much in common...this blog thing is terrific isn't it. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog...I have been a bit tardy lately with my posts but as school is back and things are returning to normal I should be back into a routine soonish...When I return to Melbourne for a visit next year I am hoping to meet a blogger who lives right in my area...we communicate via email as well as our blogs and I am looking forward to meeting her...and of course reporting back on my blog...Robx

  33. Preciosas imagenes, me gustaria poder conocer ese lugar tan fantastico. Un saludo muy cordial.


  34. What a treat to meet her through you Helen! She and the kids are adorable! I would love to meet her country some day.

    I have met several bloggers I am happy to say.

    Allison from sunnyrisingleather in northern CA;
    Rochelle Darrow from Gallery Darrow in Claremont;
    LaBeletteRouge from right around here in Southern CA; the lovely Susan Tiner from up north. I am very lucky indeed.

    Sending you love from myself and the pussycats.

  35. How exciting to meet a fellow blogger in person Helen! I have never had that opportunity, but surely do hope to do so some day. I have never been to Ireland either, and it sure looks like a beautiful place to be. I stumbled onto another of your blogs, and found out that you are there celebrating your anniversary.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my friend!

  36. What a fab day and such a beautiful setting - it is so lovely to meet and make new friends - i met the blogger/photographer Candice Lake a month or so ago and then again about 10 days ago - i was so stoked - she is really lovely and sooo talented - i am hoping to meet more of my new bloggy friends at LFW which will be so fab xx


  37. i always lovee your pictures :)

  38. Hello Helen,
    I hope that your anniversary day was a very special one, being able to spend it in Ireland . Meeting your friends and family.
    The place you are at, sounds divine. So magical.
    Mise , sounds like a wonderful person.
    As i am new to blogging, i haven't met any other blogger yet. One day hope too.
    If you ever pass this way to Portugal..you will be my first.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Val..

  39. Hello dear Helen
    I just wanted to say I hope you are having fun on your travels, (although you may be back home now?)and to thank you for your kind comments on my post.
    The ranch in Arizona sounds a most wonderful place to have a holiday on horseback. I would love to horse ride in America and your description of the desert floor in bloom sounds just beautiful.
    I am most interested to read your father had clydesdales. I always think of them as gentle giants!
    Take care and looking forward to reading your news soon.
    Abby x

  40. Hi Helen
    Well popped over to thank you for your comments whilst i was travelling and here you are with Mise!!!

    Howdy girls!!! big hello from Australia...

    Well the first blogger i met was Ange from 'Signed by Ange' and the second Sharon from 'My French Country Home' when I stayed in here guesthouse last month... both fabulous and I will miss them..

    Now I'll have to pop over and meet Mise also.. hehe

    Have a lovely time.. ciao xxx Julie

  41. How beautiful Helen, I thought this all looked terribly familiar! I'm very envious of the place where you grew up, that sounds quite idyllic. I'm yet to meet any other bloggers in the flesh - soon I hope.

  42. It's so much fun to meet a blogger buddy! I've met quite a few and it's always special! That is a beautiful country you are visiting! The photos are spectacular! Enjoy your time there! ♥

  43. How perfectly wonderful! To meet a new friend in such a delightful setting. I have indeed been fortunate to meet several blogger friends and it's been a revelation to realize how strong a friendship can be forged through blogging. We all felt as though we'd known each other for ages.

    Have a great Irish time!!

  44. I have not been fortunate enough to meet up with any of my blogging friends yet, but certainly hope to one day. I love the karma of blogging, the modern equivalent of pen friends maybe.
    How wonderful to meet up with someone and find you share so many memories.

  45. Hello Helen,

    how wonderful to meet a blog friend in Ireland. The way you describe your childhood sounds idyllic. And that both of you grew up on islands that could only be reached by boat. Your photos are beautiful...love the last shot of the stone house. Makes me want to go to Ireland. I have yet to meet a blog friend in person, but I'm sure I will one day.

    xo annie

  46. Yes -- I've met and traveled with bloggers Rebecca, Deb, Stephanie and Dawn and have met several others at art workshops.

    And I've stayed at a bed and breakfast in Spiddle while touring the west of Ireland with friends.

  47. 24 Corners
    It was such a joy meeting Mise and also surprising to learn of her hidden talents and accomplishments.Her two daughters are so fortunate to have her as their loving and joyful mother. Mise is well travelled and has lived abroad but they chose to raise their family in Ireland, in the same playground. Thanks for your compliments, you are very kind.
    Wishing you a wonderful week. I am looking forward to catching up on my favourire blogs.
    PS Happy to read you have met Pam from Red Ticking and Megan from Hood Canal Gal - I will check out their blogs.

    PSS Spice Girl survived and was spoiled and doted upon by our neighbours.
    Helen xx

  48. Con Amore Bella Rose

    Thank you for joining my blog and you are heartily welcome! Tipperary is a beautiful county and we drove through parts this week. I will be popping over to visit your blog. What is your Italian connection?
    My best Helen xx

  49. Robynne's Nest Hello
    You are right Rob when you say how terrific blogging is. I shall be measuring all future meetings with bloggers to my lunch with Mise.
    I will be looking forward to reading of your meeting with the Melbourne blogger. Have a great week.
    Helen xx

  50. Mrs. Little Jeans
    I also hope that you meet Mise one day soon and her daughters would absolutely adore your cats. they might even share their candy with them!
    You know then how fabulous it is to meet a blogger and I am certainly looking forward to meeting many more. It is even better than pen friends which I had as a child.
    To a great week and thanks for the feline kisses

  51. Hello Lisa
    I sure hope you manage to visit Ireland one day soon. Having been born and educated there, I have an added love for the place. Yes we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year and thank you for your kind wishes.
    Helen xx

  52. Hello Fashion and Frank

    It was indeed a fab day and such a joy to meet a new friend and so much to share. You then know how great it is to meet a blogger having met Candice Lake. I will be looking forward to hearing about your upcoming meeting with bloggers
    To a great week.

  53. Sharon Vuitton

    Thank you Sharon for your kind words
    Wishing you continued joy
    Helen xx

  54. Valerie Tilston Rosa da Silva

    Hello Valerie
    Lovely to hear from you here. I love hearing about your life in Portugal.

    I truly hope we shall meet one day soon in Portugal.

    My fondest wishes
    Helen xx

  55. My Spotty Pony - Dearest Abby

    How kind of you to comment again. Yes my father had a passion for horses and we always had several on our farm also a donkey. Our city friends loved coming to our farm as we would have amateur races on Sunday and many good bruises and falls. Arizona is a spectacular state and of course they ride with western saddles.
    Give a carrot to Spotty Pony for me!
    Helen xx

  56. Hi Julie @ Being Ruby, Thank you for your visit and I hope you are getting over your jet lag. How exciting that you have met two bloggers. I truly enjoyed reading about your stay at Sharon's cottage in France and will look forward to future episodes on your trip to Europe.
    Helen xx

  57. Bourbon & Pearls Hi Tabitha

    Thanks for stopping by and yes Ireland is magical, as I am sure Scotland is too.(I have not visited Scotland yet!! so be very fearful, I might be in a town near you sometime soon!)
    I felt I knew Mise somewhat from her blog but there were many more surprises and she is very accomplished.
    Helen xx

  58. Hello Lavender Dreamer

    Thanks for your kind words and I hope you visit Ireland one day soon.
    How fabulous that you have met many bloggers and found them to be special too.

    Have a beautiful week

  59. Pamela Terry and Edward

    It was indeed wonderful meeting Mise in that little cafe and the food was fresh and delicious. I remember reading that you met Lisa from A Bloomsbury Life and who were the others?
    The Irish good times continue - thank you
    Helen xx

  60. Lindy Lou Mac In Italy
    Hello and thank you for your kind words

    I am sure you will meet a blogger one day soon. Like you said it is very special and one finds so much in common.
    Helen xx

  61. Hello Annie
    I feel you would love Ireland Annie and there is some wonderful architecture in various styles and periods, histor and arts, there really is much to do for all interests.
    Helen xx

  62. Hi Meri
    How lovely that you have met so many bloggers and found friendship.
    It is coincidental that you should have stayed in Spiddle too. It truly is a small world.
    Helen xx

  63. What a fabulous trip and I love that photo of you all. I've met Joni (CotedeTexas) and Terri (Windlost) and am proud to call Linsey (LLH) and Elz (Elzabelz) good friends!!

  64. Morning T
    Welcome and hello. You are indeed an experience collector of blogging friends. I am off to read their blogs.
    Thanks for stopping by