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Monday, July 12, 2010

St Nick's Historic Street in Toronto and poor city planning


This poem and painting were created to support "Save St. Nick's". This picturesque, historical, charming and many say 'sacred' street comprises of a row of beautiful historical cottages which adorn a red brick street in downtown Toronto. In the 1980's architects developed the property across the road from these beauties and the kind, talented, thoughtful archtiects decided to create a mirror image of the homes.

Fast forward to 2009 and greedy city planners, under the guidance of Kyle Rae have decided to allow a 6 story beautiful historical building (formerly the Jesuits) to be destroyed and to put in its place a faceless, glass condo to the height of 29 stories. Sadly the new building will overshadow and diminish the charm of this street.

More than 80 concerned citizens attended this meeting at City Hall and stated our objections and offered what we felt were solutions.

Sadly, Counsellor Kyle Rae has made up his mind to grant the builder permission to build and this was very clear that this decision was made prior to our meeting.

What saddened the 80 concerned citizens was the lack of respect for our time and for wasting a morning. 80 persons times 4 hours. =320 hrs of lost time.
I have uploaded my painting of St. Nicks street and the accompanying poem

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