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Artists who paints in oil en plein aire. Member of the three member Plein Aire Cottage Artists. Members: Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta Chandler and Helen Tilston

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Blessed Mother

All who know me know my first love is "plein aire painting". As a member of a 3 person group callled www.pleinairecottageartists.com I spend a large portion of my life outdoors.

The beautiful summer weather I love and when the heat gets too much to bear, my air-conditioned studio beckons.

Spiritual paintings are also a passion.

This painting of Our Lady of Sorrows has my late sister (Philomena Glynn Doyle) as the model. Like Our Lady my sister was a humble, gracious, kind, beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent, passionate, fair and unselfish, always wishing the best to everyone.


  1. I always find it amazing how paintings for religions reasons always come out great. I guess the people that paint them have strong passion for their religion and that passion creates beautiful art.

  2. Hello Michael

    How kind of your to comment and I shall treasure your compliment. I am blessed to have been born into a family where religion was important and practiced.
    Have a great week