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Saturday, July 3, 2021


Helen Tilston PAINTING AT Dunmore East, IRELAND.

The long Summer day begins, here in Ireland, a 5.00 am when the birds warm up their voices.   Dusk happens long after 10.00 pm.  This makes for delightful days with long shadows and dappled light and long hours painting outdoors.  Sheer bliss for me.

A morning tea break with friend @ Youghal, County Cork.

An invitation to join a friend for a morning cuppa.   Then back to the easel.


Lunch at Ballymaloe, County Cork where a robin joins me at table

I have completed several commissioned pieces and I am full of gratitude to all who support me and pay me the ultimate honour by having a painting of mine hang in their home.  Please contact me at:  tilston188@yahoo.com. (that is Tilston one eighty eight)

Canvas with a Cause documentary has aired on WEDU/PBS and should you have missed this short documentary please view here :


Continued joy and stay safe my friends


  1. Helen! It is so good to see you posting. The view is gorgeous. A robin at your table is super adorable. Happy Painting`

  2. I love to see your posts Helen, not sure how I missed this one! I hope that you are having a lovely summer and that you are enjoying lots of time with family friends and painting.

  3. I am so glad to read your post, and to see your photos which capture both the amazing light and happiness of your visit. I am pleased you are well and painting- and posting! Jane x