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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Matisse+ Martini's= Health

Plein Aire Cottage Artists Helen, Violetta and Mary Rose with Organizer Extraordinaire: Sue Murbach

Artists: Violetta, Mary Rose and Helen - Donated Triptych "Let's Sail Away"

Clearwater Free Clinic serves the uninsured in our area.

Martini's + Matisse Gala is am much anticipated soiree.
This year, was a sold out event and  attended by some 800 guests.  All primarly in the medical profession.  More than one hundred artists donate a piece of art, which is carefully juried.  The inaugural event, some years ago,  showcased  " Featured Artist"  Sophie Matisse, the great grand daughter of French painter Henri Matisse.
Sophie's abstract painting was in high demand that evening.
Artists: Mary Rose Holmes, Helen Tilston and Sophie Matisse

Each year we have donated paintings to this worthy event.  Last year the organizers selected the three of us as "Featured Artists".(Plein Aire Cottage Artists)  This  prestigious  honour we graciously accepted.
Last evening Martini's + Matisse 2012 commenced at 6.00 p.m with the Sponsor's Cocktail Party and introductions.

Happiness everywhere

Incredible caterers, En Garde
Glowing table and guitarist singer songwriter Will Cooper
Mary Rose Holmes, Dwight Holmes and Mike Tilston
Bonefish delicious shrimp dish
Beautiful guests
Martini Bar and master martini shakers from Bonefish Grill
Famous Chef Scott from Guppy's Restaurant and his helpers
The Artists donate their paintings.  The Event costs $150. per person.  Three tickets are given and one can choose to put all their tickets in a giant martini glass located beside each painting. At 9.15 p.m. the draw takes place at each painting.  To be eligible for the "Featured Artist" painting,  patrons must purchase tickets at $50 per ticket.  We were thrilled to see our "Giant Martini Glass" was full to capacity.  The winner of "Let's Sail Away" triptych was:  Dr. Kimberly Quick.

The evening went all too quickly and we finished in the courtyard with coffee, desert and cigars.
Plein Aire Cottage Artists Mary Rose and Violetta :

How was your weekend?


  1. Classy soiree! Matisse...how I love his paintings!!!

  2. What a glamorous event...how fabulous!

  3. It sounds like a lovely evening for all. Sounds like a very worthy cause. And, what a fortunate recipient of one of your pieces.

  4. Hello Becky

    It was indeed a very classy soiree.

    Yes Henri Matisse's art always excites.

    Hope you have a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  5. Hello Jacqueline

    Thanks for stopping in. It was a wonderful evening. My feet ache and and my sides are sore from laughing.

    Hope your week is terrific

    Helen xx

  6. Hello Bonnie

    We had an absolute ball and yes it is indeed a worthy cause. Dr. Quick was spotted visiting the painting throughout the evening and sighing.

    To a great week

    Helen xx

  7. What a wonderful event for a great cause!

  8. Hello Jen

    Thank you for our visit and comment.
    You are right it is a great and necessary event.


  9. Hello Helen
    What a splendid soiree indeed! And for such a good cause too.
    How lovely to see pictures of you and your fellow artists looking so glamorous for the occasion.
    I am not surprised your giant martini glass was filled. Dr. Kimberly Quick must have been absolutely delighted with her painting.

    I attended a Burns night event on Saturday evening. Haggis for supper, followed by Scottish dancing. It was great fun!

    Hugs, Abby and Spotty xx

  10. What a great evening it looks and for such a good cause (some of us here in the UK don't know how lucky we are). Must have been great to see your martini glass full to the brim!

  11. My Spotty Pony

    Dearest Abby

    It was a most memorable evening and like so many events it is the hard work of many which make it a success.

    Thanks for your comments on our trip tych. Dr. Quick is very, very happy and has just the place in her home for it. There is an added joy in knowing who has the painting.

    Your evening sounds marvelous. I love Scottish dancing and have yet to taste haggis, which I hope to some day. I hope you post on it.

    Have a delightful week, pats to Spotty Pony

    Helen xx

  12. Alix

    Thank you for your kind words.

    We had a fabulous evening and like you said for such an important cause.
    We were thrilled to see our painting in such demand. One never knows at such events. We are very grateful
    Thanks for stopping by and have a great week

    Helen xx

  13. Hi Helen, my weekend was very dull in comparison to yours! Looks like a great event. Do you hope to get some work from it? Have a wonderful week and perhaps a little rest! Love Linda x

  14. Flowers on my Table

    Hello Linda

    It was a great event and lots of fun.
    I hope you have a great week.

    In donating our painting, our motive was and is to make a difference in the lives of those in need. We support several local charities and our expectation is always that we were there to help those in need, in our small way.

    Looking forward to your next post

    Helen xx

  15. Dear Helen,

    What a fantastic Gala! How lucky you are, being able to mix with interesting people! I wish I could have been there, to meet all of you artists and Matisse's relative, as I love his paintings, the bright colours so cleverly coupled with dark tones, and have used one of his beautiful paintings: "The Open Window" as a back ground to a poem I wrote about my mother and how she taught us how to love and appreciate beautiful and good things in life (It's intitled "La Finestra Aperta"- The open Window)

    I had a normal weekend, Helen... nothing exciting, really, but I do wish I could have gone to your Gala soiree. It looks like my kind of thing. I could have talked all night! Fantastic!

    And... very well done, by the way!




  16. Hello again Helen, I have to say you are a very glamourous bunch of artists!

    Many thanks for your visit and lovely comments, sorry I made you a little peckish! Much love, Linda x

  17. Hello Anna

    You would have been a welcome addition to the Soiree. I think all who were present were there for a good time and the food and venue was so spectacular.
    I would love to read your poem La Finestra Aperta.
    It feels special to dress up and attend a function such as this.
    I hope you find such an occasion soon.
    Helen xx

  18. Flowers on my table

    Hello Linda

    Funny you should say you are stylish artists. All three us worked in and designed fashion. All three of us worked in or have interior design credentials. Now we paint but our love for fashion does not fade and neither does interior design.
    Those eggs in your post have me drooling.

    Wishing you a delightful week

    Helen xx

  19. hello Helen:
    This looks like the absolute perfect party. Delicious food, glamorous guests, and everyone enjoying the most enormous fun. What could be better?!!

    How wonderful that your paintings attracted such a lot of interest. It is so satisfying to know that your work will be appreciated by someone and that you have also contributed to the support of a good cause. You girls certainly mix in high places these days!!!

  20. WHAT A BLAST, HELEN!!! And I so love being around ARTISTS! WE are a fun lot, aren't we?

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING! I am swamped, but you all are my wonderful friends and I am so glad to have you all in my life! BLESSINGS! Anita

  21. Helen, this looks all around like a huge success! Wonderful!

    How glamorous to have such great guests!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  22. You can really tell everyone is having a wonderful time Helen...especially you!!! What a great event to be a part of and to look forward to every year!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely evening with us.
    xo J~

  23. It sounds like a lovely evening and for such a good cause!

    Wishing you a delightful week

  24. Oh WOW Helen,
    It looks as if it was one wonderful evening. Everyone dressed up, delicious food and drink and Matisse and all for a good cause.
    My friend, who is a potter, went to see the David Hockney exhibition 'A Bigger Picture', at the Royal Academy and she was amazed by it. We are going to try and get tickets.
    Thanks so much for your comments. I'm so sorry that I've missed some of your posts.....we seem to have been rather busy helping our children move, decorate and babysit !! XXXX

  25. Jane & Lance Hattatt

    Sadly, evenings like this are no longer very popular and it seems like everyone wants to be invited. Perhaps we shall see a return of the cocktail party in all its glory and glamour.
    Thank you for your kindness and support of our work.

    We had a glorious evening and now from the bright lights back to the streets and the easel.

    Wishing you a week of joy
    Helen xx

  26. Castles Crowns and Cottages

    Dearest Anita

    I know you would have been right at home with us at Martini's + Matisse.
    Yes, I agree artists are great fun.

    You rightfully and well deserve all your wonderful followers. Your blog is always a joy.

    We are blessed with such friendship.

    Helen xx

  27. Victoria Art

    Hello Victoria

    It was a most memorable evening and we cherish such events. Everyone was in their best mood and "the party happened" as the saying goes.
    Thanks for visiting

    Helen xx

  28. What a divine weekend you had dahhling! Your event sounds FAB & congrats on the success.

  29. Dear Helen,
    What a wonderful grand affair.. It all sounds so impresive and looks it too..
    Such a worthy cause.
    What joy to be with Matisse's grandaughter Sophie...
    great photos of the party and of "The plaine air cottage artists.."
    best wishes

  30. 24 Corners

    I cannot lie, I did have the best time and the evening was most memorable.
    Thank you for your kind comments

    Helen xx

  31. Linda (a day full of)

    Hello Linda

    Clearwater Free Clinic do marvelous work and there are tireless volunteers who all make it happen.
    It felt good to be a small part of this big programme
    Thaks for stopping by

    Helen xxx

  32. Jacqueline @ HOME

    Hello Jacqueline

    I thank you for stopping in and commenting. I realize how busy you are with your children moving.
    The David Hockley exhibition sounds mighty interesting and if you attend I hope you post on it

    It as a wonderful time on Saturday and lovely to be part of a formal gathering, where everyone was in their finest.

    Have a great weekend

    Helen xx

  33. HRH The Duchess of State

    You would have loved every moment of the Soiree. Lots of enthusiastic joyful people and good stories too.
    Hope you have a delightful weekend
    Helen xx

  34. Pamela Terry and Edward

    Hello Pamela

    It indeed was an evening to remember.
    Fun people and a wothwhile cause.
    Helen xx

  35. Red Ticking

    Thank you for your comment.
    Wishing you a great weekend

    Helen xx

  36. Val's alentejo blog

    Hello Valerie

    You would have loved the evening, art, music and great food. Also the fashions were interesting
    Have a delightful weekend


  37. I have a challenge for you... if you want to!
    Have a great evening!

  38. J'adore M. Matisse and dirty martinis on the rocks. I wish I had been there.

  39. Helen! What an incredible event! I wish that I could have been there to raise a glass to your artistic talent.


  40. Helen,
    Thank you for visiting 34th street this week. I have been meaning to leave a comment. I seem to get very wordy when I visit you, as you are so inspiring.

    I had missed work due to snow, so my work days have long while making up the missed time. I am very behind on my blog visits.

    Thank you for mentioning Anam Cara.
    I am always looking for a special read for my father.

    Your paintings are beautiful, and your event was filled with elegance and charm! I love the theme and the fabulous spirit that filled the room.
    What a circle of joy and beauty!
    (I totally dig the photograph with the cigars!)

  41. Maria

    I thank you for commenting and I shall be emailing you.

    My best wishes
    Helen xx

  42. Hello Virginia

    You definitely could have found a dirty martini on the rocks and even a delectable amuse bouche to accompany it.
    Wishing you a great weekend

    Helen xx

  43. Genie - Paris and Beyond

    How kind of you to extend such a heartfelt greeting.

    One day lets hope to meet and raise a glass to all our successes.

    Meantime, have a beautiful weekend

    Helen xx

  44. Dreams on 34th Street

    Hello Lynne
    Thank you for stopping in and your kind wishes are appreciated, when you have time.

    I believe your father will enjoy the writing of John O Donohue (who is fairly prolific

    Wishing you skies of blue


  45. Auntie Bliss

    Thank you for your comment. It certainly was thrilling to meet Sophie Matisse.

    My best for a delightful week

    Helen xx

  46. What a fabulous event!
    Thank you so much for visiting and joining me. I am a follower and I look forward to seeing and hearing more on your beautiful blog.

  47. Hello Michelle

    A big warm welcome to my blog. Thank you for following and taking time to comment. It was a fabulous event and went all too quickly.
    Have a delightful week

    Helen xx

  48. WHOAH! Looks awesome and it seems like everyone had a marvelous time! Very happy for you!

  49. How wonderfully fun! What a glittering evening! Congratulations on what sounds like an outer success with much inner satisfaction and joy.

    and, there's a fun coincidence, here. Not being trained in art - only exposed, I would only be able recognize Matisse and be able to identify some of his famous paintings - what era - place - general gist of his 'movement' but, like I said, I'm not an, er..., 'official' artist. I'm learning!=] Last night, I came across 'Le Bonheur' and started reading all about it. That led to an immersion, this very morning in a long article about him and Picasso, which led to the most delightful hour of gorging myself on his thoughts and quotes. I'm quite stuffed and a bit giddy/dizzy from it all. =] It ended with a blog post in my photo journal with a couple of his quotes.

    Hm! =D

  50. Wow Helen! This looks very fancy and you look very beautiful! This is wonderful of you and so necessary! Helping makes one happy! Have a great day! Christa

  51. Rabbit Town Animator

    Thank you for your kind wishes and support.

    Wishing you a great week

    Helen xx

  52. Kathy Noelle

    A big hearty and warm welcome to you Kathy and thank you for following.

    How wonderful that you receive such joy from reading about art. I totally agree and know very well how you feel. It is good to be alive type of feeling. I am heading over to your blog to read your thoughts.
    Many, many thanks for stopping by and again, I will look forward to knowing you and your blog.

    Helen xx