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Friday, February 15, 2008

Biellale Artist- Guilia Tasso

Guilia was born in Toscana. She studied Ceramic Design at Croydon College of Art and Design and Central St. Martin School of Art and Design in London, England. Guilia's exhibition piece was in ceramics. On a colourful table sat 51 ankle height boots, the type worn by schoolchildren in history. Each boot was in a different colur, one was striped, white red, blue and yellow, one was turquoise, some red, and cheerful colours, however, interspersed in the arrangement were some black boots and instead of laces, barbed wire was threaded through the lace-holes. I got to know Guilia very well, as our exhibitions were side by side. Guilia is 51 yrs of age and each boot represented a year of her life. The black boots symbolized the saddest years and tragedy. Guilia teaches and resides in Rome with her supportive and loving husband and family. Guilia is extremely gifted as an artist and I look forward to seeing her at a future Biennale in Firenze

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