Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Circle

Original Oil painting by Helen Tilston

On my bedside table is a copy of the book Anam Cara which was written by John O'Donohue, who is an Irish poet philosopher who lived in the west of Ireland until his early and untimely death at 52 yrs of age in 2008. This book is well worn and read.   John, like myself, is a Celt.  A Celtic symbol is the circle. Life is a circle, one event, leads to another and so on.  I do believe the majority of you will enjoy this book.

One art collector, whom I had not met, (I shall refer to her as Madame X) contacted me last week to say she would be unable to attend our art opening this past Sunday.  We made arrangements to meet yesterday and she received the docent tour of our exhibition, at Guppy's Restaurant.

  This past summer Madame X purchased a plein air painting of Guppy's Restaurant, which I had painted more than a year ago.  

Lunch Date Original oil by Helen Tilston

Madame X and her husband enjoyed a Thursday lunch date each week and they had a favourite table at Guppy's. My painting hung above their table.  Her husband would say "let me buy you that painting as you so love it" she would say "Oh we have no space for it and we have such and such expense".  Sadly her husband died in his sleep this past Spring, at the young age of 50 yrs.   A month later she went to Guppy's and decided to sit at a new table with her friend - she looked up and there was my painting hanging above her new table (the restaurant was renovated and paintings re-hung by designer) and on looking at the title she saw it read
"Guppy's lunch date".  The rest is history. She is the proud owner of this painting.

Over lunch we chatted about life and art and I mentioned that I used paint miniature art and exhibited.
She looked vague and then asked if I had exhibited at the Belleview Biltmore at the juried minitature show.  I assured her I had.  This annual show consists of more than a 1,500 miniature paintings by artists from all over the world.  Yes, you guessed it, she had purchased one of my miniatures about fifteen years ago.
My Irish playground Original Oil on Ivorine Miniature Helen Tilston
 Miniature painting is oil on ivorine - pardon image, it is under glass.

We had a delightful lunch and I have a new friend.

Do you believe in the circle of life, events, happenings.  Have you had such instances?


  1. Dearest friend,

    How lovely is YOUR world of colors and textures whose execution is BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING! Doodles and glitter and paper is my area, but OH, to be able to paint! THANK YOU for dancing on over my way today and making my heart sing!!! CRAZY LITTLE THINK CALLED LOVE makes us crazy, doesn't it?


  2. I most certainly do, Helen but in my terminology, it is a series of gates...that one enters or does not, some are only open for a short amount of time, others have always been there. Who knows, they probably form a circle for me too! It is the only way of explaining how I am living in France with such a wonderful man. :)

    Your work is just so alive! I loved the story that you told but am very sorry for your new friends terrible loss. Fifty is just far too young.

  3. What a charming story dahhling & more poignantly what a great point. I could not agree more regarding the circle of life.

  4. I love this painting for the selection of colors and volumes of the effect of life that gives the thickness of the layers of paint, this house gives us the feeling of Mistere hidden behind the trees ....
    Very pretty fabric and thank you for sharing it with us
    Have a nice weekend

  5. Hello Helen:
    What a tender story of the art collector and proud owner of your paintings. How lovely that she will always have your 'lunch date' oil to remind her of the happy times she spent in the restaurant with her husband.

    We were so pleased to be introduced to the poetry of John O' Donohue by you and shall now try to track down the collection of his work which you mention here. Lives ending far too early serve to remind us all of the precious time we have on this earth and how every moment must be savoured and lived to the full.

    Your work has such energy and vibrancy. It really does lift the spirits, especially in these rather dreary days of winter.

    We hope that 2012 has begun well for you and that much joy will be yours in the year ahead.

  6. Anam Cara is one of my favourite books, by one of my favourite writers...Johnny (as my sister and I love to call him) was a precious man.
    Yes, without question Helen, I believe in the Circle.

  7. The inexplicable synchronicity always catches us short. I'm so glad Madame X now has that painting. A lovely story, Helen, and I'm glad you have a new friend.

  8. Dear Helen,

    Your paintings look lovely. I can imagine why your friend fell in love with the painting of Guppy's restaurant.

    I can't really give you an answer to your question yet. Never really thought about it....

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  9. Such a touching story Helen, it brought tears of thankfulness at the way the 'circle of life' never fails to bring blessing and comfort together so beautifully.
    I look forward to discovering John O'Donohue's work.

    Have a very happy weekend...
    xo J~

  10. A lovely story and it's so beautiful to get new friends for fresh inputs!


  11. What a lovely story you have shared. Your work is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of it on your blog.

  12. What a lovely story, and I'm glad you found each other. Your paintings are so warm and vibrant--I love them. Now I'm off to look into the book you mentioned.

  13. I love that top painting of the house...just gorgeous.

    I have had many circumstances of the circle of life and weird connections.
    I am sorry we did nit make it to your art show. We had company and a full agenda every day.


  14. Indeed I do! As a matter fact I have a copy of that very same book, Anam Carac on my nightstand. Though probably not as warn as your copy it has be a delight on many occasions!!! Wishing you well!!! Cathy

  15. Hello Helen, I love the story of your new friendship and I find life is full of wonderful coincidences. I've always been drawn to circles and spirals in Nature, I think we all are. I would love to see/hear more of your miniature paintings inan other post...?
    Jane x

  16. Dear Helen,
    I do love the orange and turquoise shades in your paintings!

    And... you told us a lovely story!

    When I was a very little girl, my mum had a most beautiful black coat, very elegant, which she wore to a few weddings. When I was tiny, I used to wear her high heel shoes and this gorgeous blue dress, with printed green roses, and a fantastic huge collar.

    She loved beautiful clothes. Time after time, I wore the dress and the coat, with the heels, and walked backwards and forwards in front of the big wardrobe mirrors in my mum's bedroom. So many childhood memories (I kept tripping over the dress and the coat!) were attached to the beautiful black coat, which I never saw again until...

    Last September, after my mum died, my sister took me to her bedroom and said:"I have something to show you! Look at this lovely coat of mum's. I think it might be a bit short on you, but if you want it, you can take it!"

    Much to my surprise, there it was: THE COAT I wore so many times, as a child. I put it on, feeling like Cinderella must have done, when she got her beautiful ball gown.

    My mother was a lot shorter than me, but the coat fitted above my knees and the sleeves were not long, but three quarter length, on me. I took the coat in hid my face in it, as I knew I would cry.

    The coat is here, with me, Helen, and, you know what? When I went out, this morning, I wore it! I love my beautiful black brocade vintage coat!

    Have a lovely Sunday



  17. You have done amazing things with light and shadow in that Edenic original oil painting, Helen. I feel both heat and the cool of the day when I look at it.

  18. Your work is so beautiful. Pretty colors. I look forward to seeing more of it on your blog.. also a lovely story!


  19. Life is a circle of knots tied by artists!
    Oh your lovely miniature, there is something sort of sacred and fragile about a miniature, like a relic...

  20. Castles Crowns and Cottages

    Dearest Anita

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Coming from an artist, like you, Anita, these words mean much to me. I am grateful.
    I loved your post and I am still singing that song.
    Hope your weekend is fun too.

    Helen xx

  21. Lost in Provence

    Dear Heather

    I like your analogy of gates and deciding to pass through or not. Remi sounds like a wonderful man and so talented too. I can read from your posts how much you love your life.
    Yes Heather, it is always so sad when one loses a loved one suddenly. He had a massive heart attack in his sleep.

    My best wishes for a great week.


  22. HRH The Duchess of State

    Lovely to hear from you my dahhling, your comments make me smile.
    Wishing you endless circles of joy


  23. Hello Sasha

    I love your critique on my painting and thank you for such observant comments. I love when "Mistere" happens in a painting and try to resist the urge to change it.

    May your week be full of joy

    Helen xx

  24. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    How delighted I am to see your names in the Inbox today. I have missed you and wish you both a very Happy New Year and may it bring abundant blessings.
    Madame X has beautiful memories of her husband who loved her so dearly. She is, cheerfully, getting on with life and caring for their 17 yr old son.
    Thank you for your review on my painting and I must strive to be the painter you say I am.

    Wishing you a week full of joy.
    Helen xx

  25. Hello Jacqueline

    I am delighted to hear your sister and you are fan of Johnny. He is such an incredible writer and his poetry often brings tears. We were born in the same county(Galway). I listen to RTE Radio, on my computer, and when he died I spent the day listening and the obituaries were very moving. He touched so many people.

    Thank you and wishing you a fantastic week.

    Helen xx

  26. Hello Mise

    Lovely to hear from you. So so beautifully and eloquently write. I aspire to be like you.

    Thank you for your support and wisdom.

    Helen xx

  27. Madelief

    Hello my friend. Thank you for your comments on my painting of Guppy's.
    It is such a joyful restaurant. Many visitors look forward to returning on their annual vacations.

    I wish you a week full of goodness.


  28. 24 Corners

    Dear J

    You very beautifully say "how the circle brings blessings and comforts together so beautifully".

    I do not always know who has my paintings and it is rewarding to know they are appreciated and the stories and events continue with each owner.

    Have a fun and creative week

    Helen xx

  29. White Life

    Helle Tine

    I thank you for your comments and visit.

    It is indeed a pleasure to meet new people and add them to our friends.

    Hope your week is full of goodness.

    Helen xx

  30. Grammy Goodwill

    Thank you for your kindness and for following.

    I am happy to add you to my blogging friends and to getting to know you.

    May your week be full of blesssings


  31. Jen

    What a beautiful compliment you have paid me. I do love to paint and to know it is appreciated brings me additional joy.

    I know you will love the writing of John O'Donohue. He is fairly prolific. Be careful about loaning his books, the often do not return.

    Wishing you a week of goodness.

    Helen xx

  32. HI Dear Helen
    What a bittersweet story... I'm sure some events in life are predetermined... for good or bad..

    Madame x must be thrilled to be the proud owner of your painting.. and such a happy painting she is... bubbling with energy..

    Have a lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie

  33. Helen, you are truly such a talented artist.
    Your work is magnificent.
    Have a beautiful week ahead!

  34. Razmataz

    Hello Chania

    Thank you for your compliment on my painting.

    I will look forward to hearing you stories on the how the circle has worked for you.

    Thank you for considering coming to our art show. I understand how busy you must be with company.

    To a week full of joy


  35. GrandMa K

    Hello Cathy

    I am delighted to hear you are familiar with John O'Donohue's work.
    His words bring comfort.
    His speaking voice was beautiful too.
    Wishing you a great week.

    Helen xx

  36. Jane The BookLady

    Thanks for visiting. Yes you are right, we are all drawn to circles.
    Thank you for your compliments on my miniature art. I did paint miniatures for several years and like the saying "the shoemaker has no shoes" I have very few left. That is a good suggestion to do a post on miniatures.

    Hope you week is full of sunshine
    Helen xx

  37. Dearest Anna

    Thank you for your compliment and comment on the colours I use. In the psychology of colours, I am known to use happy colours.

    Anna I love the story of your Momma's coat. I can just imagine how you looked as a little girl dressing up in it. It is so lovely that you have the coat today and even wore it!!

    I love your stories of Italy and your idyllic childhood.

    To sunshine and circles of goodness


  38. Hello Suze

    Thank you for your astute observation of my painting. How kind of you to take the time to study it.

    Wishing you a joyful week

    Helen xx

  39. Linda (A day full of....)

    Hello Linda

    I am delighted to hear you enjoy viewing my art.

    I hope life is great with you and I enjoy visiting your blog.

    Wishing you a week of goodness.

    Helen xx

  40. Lily

    I love your analogy "life is circles tied in knots by artists" I shall remember that.

    Miniatures are precious and they take as much or more time than a larger painting. They do lent themselves to portraiture. As you likely know, miniatures were originally for portraits, painted on ivorine and the gentleman would carry his sweethearts portrait in the case of his pocket watch. Or the lady would have the image in her gold locket. Then photography came along!

    Wishing you a great week

    Helen xx

  41. Julie @ Being Ruby

    Hello Julie

    Your approval and compliments on my art mean very much to me. You are such an accomplished artist in your field of photography.

    Yes, I do agree that some events are predetermined. Madame X is coping very well but it is no doubt a very difficult journey for her. She has the love of her beautiful son and good friends.

    Wishing you a happy and creative week
    Helen xx

  42. Lisa Gordon Photography

    AAw Lisa, I am blushing. Your kind words and approval mean very much to me. May I return the compliment and tell you how much I love your art.

    Helen xx

  43. This is a beautiful story Helen and how lovely this lady finally purchased your gorgeous painting. For sure it now resides where it's very much appreciated.
    As for the circle of life..I have a dear lifelong friend and we've always tried to kept in touch even after she moved overseas twenty years ago but in the past three years we have really made an effort to email frequently and call each other on our birthdays and this reconnection brings us both immense joy.

  44. This is such an incredible story, Helen! It is as vibrant as are the colors in your paintings. My heart was beating with excitement when I read it.

  45. Beautiful paintings, indeed. And yes I believe in the circle of life. My wife Anita and I are in one now as we both pursue childhood dreams.
    All the best,

  46. What a lovely story Helen but how sad that Madame X lost her husband at 50. I do indeed believe in the circle of life. I have the book that you speak of, but must admit it is a good while since I read it. I need to get it out!

    I missed your previous post about the water bottles. I have just read it and enjoyed it thoroughly. I love your bedroom it is so pretty.

    I hope the exhibition is going well. Your opening painting is amazing! Much love to you, Linda x

  47. What an incredible story? And I am sure I have been in such circles but I cannot recall now...this tells me to start journaling...I love the colors you rich, so beautiful! I am glad Madame X has that painting! Sending you love! xx

  48. Hi Helen, many thanks for your visit and lovely comments. How thrilling that you have seen Vermeer's Milkaid in the flesh. I once saw a painting by Turner and it was tiny, it is quite a shock to the system isn't it? I have had quite a lovely lazy time since Christmas, but now I need to knuckle down! Much love to you, Linda x

  49. What a interesting story, and what a wonderful way to make a new friend. How sad that she lost her husband at an age when one would expect to have many more years together. I imagine your painting will bring her a measure of comfort and trigger happy memories.

    The first painting is wonderful too.

  50. I use the expression, tissue barometer, when I get teary. This is one of those occasions Helen...such a touching story and right up there on my tissue barometer. I am sure, I tell you over and over again, how much I love your work. Just had to say it again...and....

    How interesting that you mention coincidences as I just read a similar story by Bonnie @ Living Life.

    It is worth a read, you will understand when you do. Things like this often happen to me. I record them in a is such a treat to go back and read them. I was thinking of one the other day, it took palce about 20 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

    PS... my maiden name is O'Neil... my sister is big on signs and coincidences...she is always looking for a sign...and it usually appears. I often wonder if it runs in the family..maybe way back when in Ireland, there were sisters just like us. Sometimes I think she is crazy but other times I wonder...just like your story.

    Loved it!!

    Best wishes Helen..

    Jeanne xx

  51. Most definitely! There always seems to be so many coincidences in my life and those that I meet! I love the beautiful colors in this art, too! Enjoy your week! ♥

  52. Hello Helen! Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    I love your paintings, they remind me of such a freezing cold time of the year, bbbrrr!!!
    Have a good week!
    Michela x

  53. Wow, your artwork is simply amazing. Have a great year and thanks for stopping by.

  54. Dear Helen
    Your love of art really shows in your work. The use of vibrant colours makes the paintings come alive... just beautiful.
    I am glad your friend now has 'Guppy's lunch date' to remind her of the happy times she had there with her husband. I am so sorry he died so young.
    I would love to know more about your miniature paintings... a subject for another post maybe?
    I hope you have a lovely week.
    Abby xx

  55. Overlooking Missisippi

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and pay me such a fine compliment.

    Wishing you a week of goodness.

    Helen xx

  56. Red Roses and Crystal

    Lovely to hear from you and I am sure you cherish the memories of your dear friend, now overseas. Thank God for technology and being able to continue your friendship through the phone.
    I do feel the painting is with the right owner. Curiously tucked behind the painting is the menu from Guppy's, a photo of the 2 of them dining at Guppys, a photo of her son and other momentos.
    Thank you for visiting and wishing you a joyful week
    Helen xx

  57. Emilie's Daughter
    Dear Christa

    Thank you for your words of praise - I greatly appreciate them. I am also grateful to read you enjoyed my story today


  58. Rubin Rivera

    Thanks for stopping by Rubin. How great that you and beautiful Anita are both in the same circle and at similar points.
    Wishing you continued joy

    Helen xx

  59. Flowers on my table

    Hello dear Linda

    I somehow thought you would have a copy of Anam Cara. Thanks Linda for your approval of my painting and kind words. Madame X, while having undergone such a tragedy, was positive and hopeful. It is curious, I had seen her and her husband before meeting her this time.(she showed me pictures)perhaps I saw them during one of their lunch dates.
    Wishing you a joyful week

    Helen xx

  60. Mrs. Little Jeans

    Live is very interesting and the people who cross our paths never ceases to amaze me.
    I was very happy to meet Madame X and hear her story.
    Give hugs to O and A

  61. Flowers on my Table

    Hello again dear Linda

    It is surprising how when seeing paintings in books over the year, we have preconcieved notions of their size. The Milkmaid is absolutely beautiful and the use of light and shadow is spectacular. Small paintings can be gems too.
    Hope you have a great inspiring week

  62. Lakota (Faith Hope and Charity Shopping)

    Hi Lakota I love the wit in your blog name.
    It is indeed so sad that Madame X lost her beautiful husband and like you said we take for granted to grow old together.
    I do hope my Guppy's Lunch Date bring her fond memories and joy.
    Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a great week Helenxx
    PS Thank you for your comment on my lead painting.

  63. Hello Jeanne @ Collage of Life

    I love your expression "Tissue Barometer" may I adopt it?
    Thank you Jeanne for complimenting my art work. I truly appreciate hearing this from such an accomplished photographer and whose mother is a famous artist. You have the artistic gene Jeanne - good pun.

    I will skip over to Bonnie @ Living Life. That is interesting that you journal Jeanne. No doubt you have several journals and I hope your record your travels.

    Perhaps it is an Irish trait to look for symbols and signs. God knows our forefathers did.

    Always such a joy to hear from you Jeanne


    Helen xx

  64. Lavender Dreamer

    Thank you for stopping by. How interesting that you can also relate many circumstances when a circle of events happen.

    Thank you again for your kind words about my painting. I am working on a portrait today and that is always a little tense but somehow it gets done, with lots of prayers.

    Hope you have a great week.

    Helen xx

  65. A Garden Just Outside Venice
    Dear Michaela

    Thank you for your flattering comment on my paintings. The light here at Indian Rocks Beach year around is similar to Venice in summertime.
    I'm sorry it is so cold in VCE. We were there 3 yrs ago in December and I was never so cold as then. It seems a damp cold and a hot bath was the answer
    Hope the sun is shining.
    Helen xx

  66. Anu @ My Dream Canvas

    What a beautiful compliment and one I shall remember, thank you sincerely.
    I welcome you to my blog and look forward to knowing you.
    Helen xx

  67. My Spotty Pony

    Dearest Abby & Spotty

    Thank you for your observation and compliment on my painting. You have me figures out, I love painting and spend every spare minute at the paint box.
    Glad you like the miniature painting too. That is a good idea
    Abby I shall write a post about it.
    Wishing you a joyful week.

    Helen xx

  68. Yes, we WERE on
    the same page with
    our circles, Helen!
    I LOVE this story and
    the serendipity of
    the whole thing.....
    So sad that your new
    friend lost her hubby
    at such a young age,

    xx Suzanne

  69. Helen, Your paintings are wonderful! I do believe people and events are placed in our path for a reason. It is up to each individual to be open to receive the gifts. I love your story. I can only imagine how overwhelmed Madame X must have been when she realized her new table was under the same painting her late husband had wanted to buy for her. I like to think he had something to do with it.

    Again, thank you so much for visiting and joining me over at Living Life. I hope I do not disappoint. I look forward to getting to know you. Hugs, Bonnie

  70. Helen,
    What a beautiful story you wonderful that she now has the painting and with it so many wonderful memories and to now be able to call you, the artist as one of her friends, just makes it that much more special.

  71. Oh wow. What a story....both sad and happy.
    Beautiful painting too!

  72. Your paintings are beautiful Helen, I would have loved a closer look at your miniature. Yes, I certainly believe that we meet those we are meant to meet, and that it's up to us to make something happen from the encounter.
    Your story is lovely, thank you

  73. I absolutely believe in it and I just love to hear stories like this! Beautiful work Helen.

  74. Privet and Holly

    Hello Suzanne

    How coincidental that we would write of similar topics and the people who are put in our paths.
    Yes, her husband who was a wonderful man was called too soon.
    I hope she can call on his love to her as she raises their beautiful son.
    Madame X has a spirit of gratefullness.

    Thank you for following my blog and I will look forward to knowing you and your writing.
    Helen xx

  75. Hello Bonnie

    Thank you for visiting and for following my blog.

    It is curious how we seem to be on similar wavelengths this week. I also think her husband may have had a say in her having the painting.
    I must say I felt a warm glow meeting her and the series of events leading to our meeting.
    Life can be beautiful.

    My best
    Helen xx

  76. Hello Annie

    Thank you for commenting. Madame X is a very special woman and the type we feel richer for meeting.
    Hope your week is going great

    Helen xx

  77. Auntie Bliss

    Many thanks for complimentary my paintings.
    Yes it was a bitter sweet post and the coincidences were too great to ignore.

    My best Helen xx

  78. Hello Sharon

    Your compliment means a lot Sharon, coming from an artist as accomplished as you are. You are right, it is what we make of the encounter.
    I plan on doing a post on miniature art and will get better images of my work. I do need a new camera.
    Hope your week is wonderful and that you are able to ride your horses

  79. Acanthus and Acorn

    Thank you for stopping in. I know we all must have similar stories and it never fails to amaze me when such events happen, particularly when we consider the size of the country, the world.

    My best

    Helen xx

  80. Helen, these are absolutely amazing!!! I LOVE Lunch Date especially. You are so talented!!

  81. I definitely believe in the circle of life and you certainly had an example...absolutely love your paintings - such a talent!!

  82. Your art is just amazing. I love popping over to see what you have done. It is amazing. Thank you for stopping by my little blog.

  83. Hi Helen! This is lovely! I most certainly do believe in such things and such circles - I think, though, that sometimes we all need little reminders of this kind of serendipity, which your post is for me. Thanks for popping by today and for following along! All the best, Jeanne

  84. Dearest Helen,
    You have won my little stamps giveaway.Pop me your mailing address to and I'll get them off to you asap.

    Your painting are wonderfully rich and vibrant, shows your love for life!

  85. Helen, that red building made my mouth drop. It's great.

    It is cold in Maine, but beautiful.

  86. Poignant story! I'm sure the painting gives your new friend such comfort. Such beautiful work, Helen!!

  87. Stacy Curren

    Hello Stacy

    Thank you kindly for your compliment on "Guppy's Lunch Date" I did have fun painting it.
    Hope you have a delightful weekend.


  88. Design Chic

    Thank you for commenting and for your generous compliments.
    Wishing you a joyful weekend
    Helen xx

  89. Hello Cheryl

    Thank you for stopping in and for your wonderful warm compliment on my painting. You contribute greatly to encouraging me to keep doing what I do.
    Have a weekend full of fun


  90. I Dream of

    Hello Jeanne

    Thank you for stopping in and a heartfelt welcome to my blog. Thank you for following.
    It is a beautiful feeling when serendipitous events occur.

    Wishing you a delightful weekend

    Helen xx

  91. Yonks

    Dearest Di

    How excited I am to have won your generous and unique giveaway of stamps. I absolutely love this gift and cannot wait to receive it. By separate email, I have sent my address.

    You have made my day and I thank you sincerely for your generosity


  92. La Petite Gallery

    Hello Yvonne

    Thank you for your kind compliment on my red house. It is one of my favourite homes. It was custom built and the owner does not fear colour. The sun always seems to dance on this home when I pass by.
    Hope you have sunshine in Maine

    Helen xx

  93. Elizabeth Rose Stanton

    Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to visit. I am very grateful for your kind comment. I do hope Madame X is deriving comfort from my little painting.
    have a joyful and creative weekend


  94. Lovely story behind your paintings, Helen! Enjoyed every word.

  95. Your paintings are stunning I especially love the painting of the bright red house
    It feels so alive. Enjoyed your beautiful story
    I've have read Anam Cara great book
    John O Donohue has also written some beautiful poetry.
    I am also a firm believer of synchronisity having experienced it many times

  96. You has a great article. I'm very interesting to stopping here and leaves you a comment. Good work.

    Lets keep writing and share to us and other.

    Nb: Dont forget to leave your comment back for us.

  97. Have just found your page and wanted to say how much I love your paintings and your blog ... and how excited I was to see you also treasure "Anam Cara." It's by my bed and if I can't sleep at night, it keeps me company. I am looking forward to following you around the "circle."
    Best wishes, Marilee (Eugene, Oregon, USA)

  98. Thanks for visiting. I have just visited your blog and I have to say I LOVE your paintings, so colourful! I shall be visiting often!

  99. Becky

    Helle Becky

    I am delighted to read you enjoyed this post.

    Wishing you a delightful week

    Helen xx

  100. Hello Marja

    Thank you for your beautiful comment on my painting. I love architecture and in particular the earlier Spanish architecture prevalent here in Florida.
    John O'Donohue's work is powerful and his writing touches the heart.

    Wishing you a week full of joy

    Helen xx

  101. Marilee

    Hello Marilee and a big warm "anam cara welcome to my blog". I am delighted to have you follow.
    Thank you for your generous compliment on my artwork and story telling and I look forward to knowing you.

    Helen xx

  102. Dear Lana

    Thank you for visiting and warm welcome to my blog.

    Thanks for your kind and generous compliment on my painting.

    Looking forward to knowing your blog.

    Helen xx

  103. Oh that I could own that wonderful ROUGE house and have it on my wall to love every day!

  104. Hello Helen!

    Thank you for visiting my site and becoming a new follower...very flattered. I loved reading your next post about the charity looked like so much fun. I also enjoyed reading this post and how small the world is when two people connect. Your painting is also very lovely. Don't you just enjoy it when two paths cross in such a wonderful way?

    To answer your question, I have had many encounters and crossings. Here is one:

    A friend of mine, Murray, was living in Alaska while I was living in St. Louis. We emailed quite often, and he worked with a very close friend of his, Brian. Brian was going through a painful divorce and he happened to be quick witted and my friend asked if I would mind emailing him to just talk with him to cheer him up, as Brian was a very good soul and very down on himself during this painful time. (Nothing romantic.)

    I emailed him and over many months, our emails contained friendly, platonic banter. With time, and encouragement, he came out of his depression and got back to his old self. We emailed many times and some days more than once. About a year later, he emailed me and he had found a new love. I was so happy for him, she sounded perfect. He was still in Alaska, she in Hawaii. He was due to get transferred back to the states soon. At this time, I had only seen a photo of Brian, we had never met.

    Over time, our emails ceased, as his new life took a new path. Life was good again for Brian. About a year later, me still living in St. Louis, I went on a short trip with a friend to San Francisco. While there, we were along the waterside, at a nondescript lunch place, eating outdoors. I look at the back of the head of a man and then only to see the side of his face and stared at him as he crosses the room. I tell my friend that I think I know him. I get up and walk over to him and stand right in front of him, and without saying a word, he smiles and says my name!

    He was only in San Francisco for a dental convention and just stopped to have lunch. We both called our mutual friend, Murray, and all had a huge laugh.

    That was the only time I ever saw him. Several years later, Brian called me to let me know that Murray wasn't doing well, and over the next year, we got in contact again as Murray slowly passed away. The man who loved Brian so much and called on me to help bring Brian out of slump is now being taken care of by Brian up to his last days. It is amazing how things turn around and work out.

    I am not sure how, why or what my role was, three people, thousands of miles apart, through emails, came together and helped each other through some of the most difficult times of their lives. And for one brief moment, on the waterfront in San Francisco, our paths crossed.

    Murray and Brian are both special. They had a bond of brotherhood unlike most men. I feel very blessed that I got to witness such a friendship.

    Thanks for sharing your story so I could share mine. I haven't really shared that story before.

    Big hug

  105. Virginia

    How kind of you to stop by

    I would be delighted to have you as the owner of my "Red House" and to know it is loved and enjoyed daily.

    Sincere thanks

    Helen xx

  106. Elizabeth Maxson

    Hello Elizabeth and welcome to my blog.
    I am fascinated at this wonderful story of friendship, love and caring.
    Such a tapestry of friendship is woven between Brian, Murray and yourself.

    Your meeting in San Francisco what an amazing coincidence!

    I know all of you benefitted from this friendship. I felt saddened to hear that Murray died and now beautiful that Brian was by his side during his final years.(tears)

    Elizabeth, thank you for this beautiful story of friendship and I am looking forward to knowing you even more through your blog

    Helen xx

  107. It's really quite funny how the circle of life goes around in more ways than the obvious.... I'm just laughing right out loud, at the moment. As I've been toodling around Blogland, I've been observing and reading your comments to others. Then, I followed a link from Jane and Lance Hattat's to visit you and left quite a comment on this very post - the muse had hit - your story had stirred some extremely pleasant thoughts - and, then, (as occasionally happens) I left the page before my comment had fully published and it evaporated into cyber space. My thunder spent, I had to let it go. Yet, then, yesterday, there you are, commenting on my blog 'in the sunny spot'. It's a dizzying, circular story. Are you lightheaded, yet? ;) I'm certainly getting there but laughing with the whirly blur, all the same! =D

    Best wishes!

    Katy Noelle

  108. Hello Kathy

    How lovely to connect with you and I feel like I know you, as we have friends in common here in blogtopia.
    I understand your frustration when the comment disappears and sometimes it is hard to re-write as the freshness has evaporated.
    This is a lovely story of "the circle" and looking forward to seeing you in the circle again

    Helen xx

  109. I like your style, there is so much poetry in your art :).