Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Queen's visit to Ireland this past week

Listening to the Ocean Original oil on canvas by Helen Tilston
I found the video of the Queen and Aras an Uachtaireann(Dr. McAleese) laying the wreaths in "The Garden of Remembrance" the most significant and poignant part of Her visit to Ireland.  The Garden of Remembrance is located right across from Parnell Tech (Dublin) and I went there often, before school, as I would get a ride with Bertie, my brother,  to Dublin and had an hour to spare before classes.  It memorializes the brutal killing of the young Irish men who lost their lives in the early days of Ireland's independence (1916 Rising).

I found this to be particularly emotional. I shed a tear and composed this short poem.

Here is my poem composed on Wednesday May 18th, 20111

Her Majesty Visits the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin May 2011

So much blood and so many tears
have been shed through the years

Today we stare in awe
but feelings are still quite raw

Hearts maimed, battered and broken
children felt what our parents left unspoken.

We speak a language that the stranger does not know
then how can they understand us.

Tread softy Your Majesty as you meet and greet
St. Patrick and the shamrock will guide your sacred feet
of is it (feat, fete)
Our Lady of Sorrows by Helen Tilston, original oil on canvas
Slan abhaile your Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth 11 and until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

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  1. Hello Helen:
    We are delighted to have discovered you through the comment which you left on A Super Dilettante.

    Although we could never be considered Royalists, your poem based on HM The Queen's recent visit to the Republic of Ireland is, indeed, both moving and thought provoking.

    We are particularly taken with your painting of Our Lady of Sorrows which, we feel, owes something to the Mannerism to be found in the work of El Greco. Perhaps the elongated face, rather than the richness of colour which you have employed and which gives to the picture such vibrancy.

    We shall look forwardto returning to future posts.

  2. Shimmering cerulean blue in the first picture took my breath away my dear Helen. Thank you so much for your kind comment. ASD x

  3. Jane and Lance
    How kind of you to write me with your words of encouragement. That is interesting that you would make the comparison to El Greco, I spent time at the Prado in Madrid recently and took great interest in his art.
    To continued friendship
    Helen Tilston x

  4. My dear ASD

    It is truly a joy to hear from you. You made my day brighter and thank you for your kindness.
    Helen Tilston

  5. Dear Helen, Hello again. You're most welcomed. The feeling is mutual because you always bring warmth and light into this blogsphere.

    I ran out of time yesterday to say that your painting Madonna of Humility reminded me so much of a card that I received a long time ago. I think it was a postcard from the National Gallery. I think the painting on the card was by a Flemish artist, Hugo van der Goes (c.1482). It was sent to me by a cleaning lady who looked after me while I was studying my postgrad at Durham. She was a devout Catholic and very kind hearted. I love her to bits. I still send her Christmas card. She's now retired after working more than 30 years at the college in Durham University. I still have got this postcard of Madonna of Humility on my mantle shelf at home.

    Thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory of someone who is so dear.

  6. Hello Helen
    Thank you for your kind comments on my post, they are very much appreciated.
    I am most impressed with both your touching poem and wonderful painting of Our Lady of Sorrows.
    I do hope the rain has not ruined the peonies you were painting. I will look forward to viewing your post on Sunday to see the result of your work.

  7. Dear Helen,

    A most touching post...your words and your beautiful paintings. Your artistry in both word and paint captures such emotion. I am so looking forward to seeing your progress on the painting of the Peony tree you told me about. Have a lovely weekend.


  8. ASD- Thank you again for your comments on Our Lady of Sorrows.
    I love how you spoke of the woman from Durham University and your connection to her still, via a Christmas card. I will research Hugo van der Goer, thank you.
    My paintings of our Lady of Sorrow are essentially the same pose as a painting which hung in our childhood home in Ireland, however, each time I paint one, my model is different. I have used my late sister in several - at different stages of her life.
    Have a lovely weekend and I will look forward to your next post.
    Helen Tilston xx

  9. Helen, your poem is very moving and your paintings beautiful. I am very flattered that you are subscribing to my blog, thankyou so much.Its lovely to be communicating with a fellow Irish woman and such a talented one at that. Have a relaxing Sunday, love Linda x

  10. I am back after watching your u-tube video. The place where you were born looks so amazing and your painting of it is wonderful, you must have many treasured memories of it.Love Linda x

  11. Hello Flowers On My Table

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and to also watch my you tube video. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You are the first Irish blogger I have met.
    Thanks for the good wishes and support and wishing you a lovely weekend
    Helen Tilston xx

  12. Hello Jermaine

    How kind of you to visit my blog and extend your good thoughts of encouragement and support.

    I will post my painting of the cottage once completed.

    Wishing you a wonderful week and I will be looking forward to visiting your blog

  13. I do love the bright colours in your paintings! To me it is a sign of the positive spirit of the painter! :)
    It seems to me that you must be a happy person.

  14. Something White Good Morning

    Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting on my post.

    Your kind words mean very much to me.

    My friends describe me as a positive person. I love life, travel and people. I feel truly blessed. My late mother always whispered "Helen you were born under a lucky star" I did believe that.

    From your blog I can see you too had a star shining at your birth.