Monday, February 28, 2011

Prince William and Kate would approve of Indian Rocks Beach Valentine's Dance 2011

When the ingredients are in proportion and just the right balance, magic happens.

City Hall at Indian Rocks Beach was transformed into a ballroom, with tables set so beautifully that would be fitting for royalty.

BusStop provided the sound and "the party happened"  

Special thanks to IRB Action 2000 volunteers who provided the right ingredients.  Action 2000 a non profit which raises money to pump back into the community of Indian Rocks Beach.

Each year, the donate a painting which is raffled to the highest bidder. This year Artist Helen Tilston donated "Sea of Love" Tilston composed a poem specifically for the evening and theme of the painting.  The lucky bidders are  Glen and Paula Weinkoop pictured with Helen Tilston

The poem "Sea of Love"

Indian Rocks Beach has been blessed from above
  and to our West is “the sea of love”

From day break till the stars shine bright
  our beach welcomes all in her sight

and should your heart feel pain and perhaps you are somewhat weary
you know it is all right to get a little teary

but please build us a castle or mermaid of sand
and soon you’ll feel peace and healing from this special land

That butterfly in your tummy which is forever muttering
soon joins a flock of butterflies playfully fluttering

Playful dolphins frolic and play
  while young lovers whisper, dance and sway

And this my dearest friends is our treasure trove
  so let’s all bathe in the sea of love.

So my friends, mark Valentine's 2012 on your calendar and make a visit toIndian Rocks Beach

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